Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hi, First of all, when we were walking through the parking garage we met Sis. Beck (gen. R.S. pres). The fellow we were with introduced us to her and told her we are going to Zimbabwe. She was very nice, of course.

Our meeting was interesting. We met with two men who work with the agricultural end of things. They showed us some new forms they have (we are only the 2nd to see them) and they gave us a copy. They have taken off the church logo and changed the forms somewhat - to be used to determine the welfare needs of a group of people rather than an individual family. The idea is that it would work like a 'welfare meeting' and have the leaders determine the needs, come up with an idea and a plan, and figure out how to carry it out. If they need some help to get started then we would look at that and they could receive money or whatever -- with the hope that they could become self reliant.

They ask us about ourselves -- I think trying to figure out why we would have been called to this mission. YIKES!! They wanted to know what agricultural experience we have had.

Of course, agriculture is only a part of the whole picture.

The one guy, Ferren, is married to Jim's 1st cousin, and so after the meeting his wife, Connie, met us and they took us for supper. We had a nice visit and as we talked he said that he was starting to see why we were called. (we mentioned that we had ridden our bikes to Utah twice). He is a very nice man and has worked with church agriculture for several years (12 yrs. running a farm in Florida).

They said that we would see more of them when we do our welfare training the 2nd week at the MTC. Monday, Feb. 9th we go to SLC with a group of welfare missionaries and do a tour of all the church welfare facilities and then have a big lunch with everyone. Tues., Wed., and Thurs., we do intense welfare training and then Fri. we are to fly out to Zimbabwe.

Anyway - it won't be long until we are at the MTC. Mike and Janeal will be here (at Pam's) in a couple of hours and will stay overnight. Tomorrow afternoon we will go to Orem.

All is well. The bonk on the side of my head (from the ski boot) is feeling somewhat better. I think that when it knocked me back it might also have effected my lower back because it has been sore (which rarely happens to me). It is feeling better today too.

I guess I had better explain: when I was getting up to get off the plane a guy across the aisle pulled his ski boots out of the storage above his head. I guess it didn't come the first time so he jerked it and it flew back and hit me in the side of the head as he swung them over his shoulder. He didn't even know he hit me and exited the plane. It knocked me back in my seat. Someone behind me gasp. I didn't even see if coming but I am glad that it was the side of my head and not my face. I am okay.

Talk to you later.
Love, Sister Bullock