Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our report

We have been sooo busy so I will try and write a quick report. We have been working hard on doing some more ground work on water projects. We have been to Bulawayo twice, Masvingo, and Lower Muzarabani all in about 8 days. We met some good people in high places as we have now learned that we don't work from the bottom up but we need to go to the top first and get permission to work in their province. We have to get some official letters them that state we have permission to work in the country but we have that. On the last trip to Bulawayo (5 hrs. away + another 1 1/2 hrs. to the meeting place) we found that the meeting had been postponed at the last minute. We did meet with the Provincial governor though and she was a nice lady and explained some proper protocol to us, but would be happy to have us do boreholes in the province. They all would love boreholes as the whole country needs them. We just have to determine where we should do them. The water specialists are now emailing with us and will be here in early July. We hope to be ready for them.

The weekend with Sister Julie Beck was wonderful. The training she did on Saturday was great and I took lots of notes so that I can pass the information on to our branches that we shepherd. She also did a fireside on Sunday afternoon and that was good as well. Elder Watson from the Area presidency also spoke and that was great.

Monday morning we picked them all up at the hotel and took them to see the Kowoyo Clinic and the grinding mill we did. Sis. Beck was so nice and took her time to talk to the nurses at the clinic and thank them for all they do. She also did the same at the mill. Behind the mill is a little preschool and we stopped there briefly. The little children sang a couple of songs to us and were so cute. I think she enjoyed it all. She is on the board that approved the humanitarian aid that is given throughout the world so it is nice that she can see some of what is being done.

We had to hurry back to Harare and take them to the airport so they could fly back to Jo'berg and then on to a couple of other countries.

We then rushed to a hotel to pick up our wheelchair specialists and food production specialists and their wives that we picked up at the airport Sunday at noon. We have been in meetings with them since then. One of the men, Bro. Cullimore, is Luella Payne's brother. He is a very nice man and we had a great conversation with him this afternoon and he helped us a lot with ideas for preparation for our water specialists along with other things.

We have met with people that will be possible partners in a wheelchair project. Things look good but the the partner does have to still prove that they can do what we need them to do.

We are meeting with the STS (short term specialists) and Bro. Elks in a few minutes as they are taking us out for supper so I must run. We are well and can't believe how fast the month has gone as we are so very busy with a lot of things.

Love to all, The Bullocks

Sister Beck and Elder Watson at Kowoyo Clinic where we have put in the new transformer and repaired the borehole

Patients waiting at Kowoyo Clinic (doing measles shots this week)

Nurses showing Sister Beck that they now have water at Kowoyo Clinic

Sister Beck saying thank you and goodbye to the nurses at Kowoyo Clinic

Joel, Sister Beck & Elder Bullock discussing the grinding mill

Sister Beck & Joel Musoro at Kadyamadare grinding mill

Sister Beck at Kadyamadare Preschool

Little preschool kids singing a song for us

Sister Julie Beck & me in Harare

Sunset as we drove into Harare

More sunset

More sunset (it was beautiful)

Nice sunset

Sunset looks like a fire is burning

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