Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday morning

We had a good weekend. Jim had meetings with the Coordinating Council on Friday night and early Saturday morning. All the District and Stake Presidents were here for training from Elder Renlund and Elder Bricknell from SA. I know I always say this but there are some wonderful leaders here and it is always nice to see them together.

While Jim was at meetings on Sat. morning I went and stocked up on fruit and vegetables at FAVCO. It is a warehouse that supplies a lot of the stores with their produce. They had just gotten a shipment from South Africa and she ask if I wanted a box of grapes for $10. That is a really good deal because grapes have been selling in the stores for about $12 or more a kg. We won't pay that much. I bought some gem squash and apples as well and also some macadamia nuts that they often have there.

I went by and saw Merci too and she was trying to convince me that we should sell our house in Canada and move here. I said "but what about our children and grandchildren?" She figures they should just fly here and visit us. I told her it would be cheaper for her to fly to visit us. I don't know if she ever will but it would be nice. Maybe her business will do well and she can afford to one day.

Yesterday we went to two different Sacrament Meetings here in Harare. We had Answer and Mary, some investigators, that were suppose to come to one meeting but we got a text message that they couldn't make it. We were really hoping they would be there. We had been to their home on Saturday and reveiwed with them the 1st discussion. They said they had to go out of town so we will see what happened.

Afterwards we stopped by to see Dzikamai. He said he has now had a strong confirmation of the truthfullness of the gospel and he excited about his baptism this coming Saturday. His cousin/good family friend/brother, Wayne was there too. He is 18 yrs. old. He seemed interested and so Elder Bullock explained the Book of Mormon etc. and gave him a copy and the pamphlet of the Restoration. He is a really nice young man.

Dzikamai is doing well and seems much more positive about life. He is talking that perhaps he would like to prepare for a mission next year. He turns 26 in June so I don't know if that makes him too old to go but it would sure be good for him. He can't go, of course, until he has been a member for a year.

Seka had a job interview on Friday and he felt really good about it. He should hear today or tomorrow and we are sure hoping he gets it so he can stay in Harare near the church.

We are still playing squash. Elder Bullock has to be careful and not get too competitive so that he doesn't hurt his back while playing. Merci came and played Friday and Saturday mornings and was REALLY feeling stiff and sore afterwards. I guess she is using new muscles - but she is doing pretty good at it. She didn't show this morning so maybe she is still sore. :)

We are doing fine. As promised, our family is being blessed while we serve!! We are grateful for that. Good things are happening for them.

Love to all, Elder and Sister Bullock

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