Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Jan. 9th

We went out with the Precision Grinding people to finish off the mills yesterday. They did get one fixed and then we had to sit and wait for about an hour for the power to come on so that they could test it. Luckily the power did come on without waiting too long. We then went back to the other mill and tested it but there is a problem so they took a part back to the shop and we will take them out again on Monday and with any luck that mill will be running as well. I took an armful of T-shirts with me and handed some out along the dirt road between the mills. That was fun to do – I think the guys in the back seat were enjoying it as much as the recipients. I gave some more out to some kids that live near the mill and they were thrilled. We had Seka with us for the day and he seemed to enjoy it. (we didn’t know we were going to be gone all day – thought we’d be done by noon). During the day, as we had some ‘waiting’ time, Jim (& Seka) taught the guy from Precision Grinders the first discussion and he seemed to be pretty keen about it. He is the same one I talked about in Thursday's letter who is getting married in April.

Today we also spent time with Seka and met his very good friend, January Williams, from Bindura. He is a policeman there. Seka has been talking to him about the church and he is eager to learn more as he has been to church there twice now. He was asking for literature. He had some things to do but may be calling and coming by our office today to talk. We were just talking and saying that perhaps we will drive to Bindura (about an hr. away) and meet up with him and introduce him to a branch missionary couple there. January came to Harare to talk to Seka as he is worried about him. Seka needs a job and was considering taking one that is 350 km. away where there is no LDS church. January told Seka that he should not do that after the progress that he has made with being baptized and all and he wants Seka to stay here where he can learn more and help his friends learn. Seka has 3 friends that are trying to move here so that they can be taught and they are all asking him not to go. We also suggested that it was a better idea to stay here so that he can progress. Seka did say that he thinks the job is just a temptation from the adversary to take him away from where the church is. Seka will be a great leader one day and he is going to bring a lot of people to the gospel. He really has become like a son to us!

We stopped by and saw Merci today and she is doing great. She is definitely like a daughter to us, as well, and Malayka like a granddaughter. This is the nice part of being here – the great people we are meeting! It is just too bad that it is so far from home!

Maize grinder at Rutope School that we refurbished and put new motor on.

New Dehuller at Rutope School

Elder Bullock with Rutope School Development Committee Chairman

Kids in their new t-shirts

Working on mill at Kadyamadare School (the guy in the center of photo is Isaac

Cute kids

This little guy was afraid of us 'white' people

Gave mom and little guy a t-shirt (no the one she has one).

Tomorrow we are off to Kadoma for church meetings. All is well.
Love from The Bullocks

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