Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, 2 August 2010

We have moved out of our flat and picked up the Beans at the airport today. They seem really nice but were REALLY tired. We took them to the flat and they just wanted to bath and rest so we will pick them up in the morning. They liked the flat and said it was better than the one they had in Uganda.

We took our suitcases that are mostly packed to Mayfields flat and took the clothes we need over to Sharp's place where we are staying. Wow!! They are so nice and the place is VERY nice. She expected we would be there for supper tonight, along with 4 others -- so we will. When we took a few things over this afternoon she has the table all set - it is GORGEOUS!!! and the house smelled really good with whatever is being cooked. They have several gardeners and house helpers. I guess we will see what it is like to live the 'high' life for a bit. They leave in a couple of days though for a vacation since it is school break for August. She said," you are family and you can just do whatever you want and make yourselves at home. She said her help can do our laundry if we need it done etc. etc. We might REALLY our enjoy our last week worth of accommodation here in Zimbabwe!!! (not that the previous 17 months have been bad). Anyway, they are sure treating us great.

Tomorrow we will sit with the Beans and make a plan for the week we have together before we leave them. We are saying our goodbyes to people. People are so kind to us and we will miss them a lot. We said goodbye to our Masvingo Branch yesterday -- good, good people!

See you soon! Love, Mom/Dad, Elder & Sister Bullock

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  1. I can hardly believe your mission has gone by so very quickly already. I hope it's the same way with our son. HA ha. He's been out already for 2 months now.