Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Danangwe mill/dehuller

This project has taken longer than we had planned. Firstly, because we had to upgrade the transformer so that it would be big enough to run the mill. We had to apply for extra funds for the project, which was no problem. They like the project in South Africa. The community contributed and built a building for the mill and it has been ready for a few weeks.

ZESA said all along that they had a transformer for us but as soon as we transferred the money then they told us there wasn't one in stock. It took some persistence but they finally found us one and managed to get the other things they needed to install it and while we were in Zambia last week it was installed. Hurray!! We were so glad to hear that when we got back.

Monday Precision Grinders were going to take the mill/dehuller out and install them but something wasn't ready so it was postponed to yesterday morning. We were told to be there by 10 and they would be ready to go (We had to take them out as it is in the middle of nowhere). We were there before 10 and signed the paperwork and then we waited for 2 1/4 hours before they were loaded and ready to go. Sigh!!!!

When we arrived at Danangwe people cheered. They were really excited to see the mill finally arrive.
27 July 2010 - The maize mill and dehuller for Danangwe School and Quinton our sales rep at Precision Grinders

There was lots of manpower to help unload it into the building.
Unloading the dehuller -- they are heavy

The guys from Precision Grinders started to hook things up and we realized WE hadn't bought some cables etc. that we were to supply. We drove back into Chegutu with Bro. Murenje and ran around to 3 different little electrical shops and were REALLY lucky to find everything we needed. We rushed back to the mill and they got it all hooked up BUT the electricity went off about 10 minutes before they were done so we couldn't test the equipment. :(

Bro. Murenje and Elder Bullock

Elder Bullock at Danangwe School standing in the one and only spot where they can get cell phone network

The handover ceremony is scheduled at the school for this next Wednesday and Quinton, from Precision will go with us and he can check it out then. Elder and Sister Bean will be here on Monday so they can also go the the ceremony with us.

We had a busy day today talking to a borehole drilling company. They were quite helpful and we learned a lot. We will likely use them up in Lower Muzarabani (at least Beans will if they like them). We also had several other people come in today as well so we were busy.

We have been advised by our people in South Africa that we should wait for Beans to start writing up the water projects and that has taken a lot of stress off our shoulders. When they arrive we will review everything with them and go from there.

We have packed a couple of suitcases. We will move out of our flat on Friday and will stay at Bro. & Sis. Sharp's home until we leave so that Beans can move into the flat as soon as they arrive. We are going to Masvingo on Saturday and return Sunday - our last Sunday to
be at that branch. :( Lots of goodbyes coming up soon!! :(:(

Love, Elder & Sister Bullock

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