Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

There have been more clouds in the sky lately but still no rain, until this evening when we got a little. The “early” rains (rain showers) are late starting this year and things are very dry. Hopefully they will start soon and then the people will plant their maize. They plant when the rains start. The real rains should start mid-late November. Those rains are heavy with huge drops of water. They usually last from about 20 minutes to an hour (from what we are told).

We spent the weekend in Mutare and I talked about Visiting Teaching and Jim talked about Home Teaching at the district training. We divided into men and women and then got back together for about an hour where President Chadembuka talked and we each talked briefly about our earlier sessions. I think it was okay. We attended one of the branches on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed that. We did note that English is spoken well in the branch (no Shona was slipped in, as it usually does in the other branches we look after near Harare). The meetings are suppose to be done in English.

In Sunday School class they were discussing what they could do to help prepare to have a temple here one day. The ladies suggested that they need more Priesthood holders and that the men should get busy and work on that. Then one of the men said, “I think the young women should go out and ‘woo’ some priesthood holders”. Everyone had a good laugh. Relief Society turned into a really good discussion too about visiting teaching and reactivation. I was really impressed with their lessons. They do really well in Mutare. They have a wonderful District President leading them. He is a really good man.

Today the electricity was off at the office so they had the generator running things. The phones and internet were not working most of the day either so it was a bit frustrating as we were trying to get some things done. Finally we, and Mayfields decided that it was a good afternoon to get away from the office and so we went shopping. We went downtown to the fabric stores. Downtown is an ‘experience’ here! We each bought some fabric – it was $2.00 & $2.50/mtr. When we go to Masvingo we will take the fabric to Elizabeth and she will make us a wrap around skirt. She’s a good seamstress. She uses the money to pay her daughter’s school fees. It will cost $5 or 6 to have her make a skirt (I think). She made an apron or two for me already. Sis. Taylor had her make some things for her before she left.

We also went to the flea market today. I didn’t buy anything but Sis. Mayfield bought some African necklaces. I don’t want to buy anything else until after we go to Victoria Falls in April (for our couples conference). They are suppose to have some nice things there for cheap. If I can’t find what I want there then I will get something here – I do kinda know what I am looking for. We have to be careful because we can only bring so much weight home!

We got a phone call late today from the district president in Gweru confirming that we were going there this Saturday for their District training. We didn’t know about that but said we could come. This will be the 4th weekend away. Gweru is 3 hrs. away. We will drive there Sat. morning do the training and then we will drive back about ½ hr. to Kwekwe and stay in a hotel there. Kwekwe is about 30 minutes from Kadoma and we have committed to being in Kadoma on Sunday. (We don’t want to stay at the hotel in Kadoma again!). Our Kadoma branch is having the primary presentation on Sunday and planned it on a Sunday that we could attend so we cannot cancel on them. The next Sunday, the 15th, will be Seka’s confirmation day (baptism on 14th, so we will be here in Harare for that.

We are relaxing at home as I write this. We are just going to watch the DVD of the Priesthood session of General Conference. We hear it was a ‘good’ one.

Love, The Bullock's

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