Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hi, I didn't want to tell you this on the email about the baptism - didn't seem right. :D We saw a 'stark' naked man in the middle of the street today but I didn't get my camera focused fast enough. Maybe that is just as well!!

I told Seka about him and he said that it is because he is 'mad'. I said what is he mad about that he takes off his clothes? He meant that he is crazy in the head. haha

E/S Godfrey (SA) are coming to Harare this week to help us write up some of our projects that we have been working on. We are hoping with their help we can get the paperwork done and they said that they would take it back with them so that it can be presented to the area presidency in time to hopefully get approved on this year's budget. We have to hurry and Christmas time is coming and they take a couple of weeks (or more) off. We are grateful that Godfrey's offered to come and work with us. We are looking forward to their visit and will have a busy week.

We couples here are going to The Great Zimbabwe (ruins) next weekend in Masvingo for a relaxing weekend. We invited Godfreys to join us and they are excited to do that. It will be fun. We will go Friday afternoon and stay 2 nights there. We will visit the ruins and also we hope to take some 'cruise' on the lake and see animals (if we can get hold of the people there to book it).

The next weekend Elder Bullock and myself have been ask to go to Mutare and speak at the YSA conference for half an hour on the Saturday. We will go there on Friday morning so that we can meet up with Pres. Chamabuka and arrange for the grinding mill motor (project that was approved recently). He has donated the labor and materials to secure the building against future thefts and is going to get that done right away. We will then arrange to pay for the motor and have it installed. When it is all done there will be a "hand-over" ceremony - probably not that same weekend though. Those people will be excited when Pres. Chadambuka tells them the project got approved. We are excited to do it for them.

It is lightning and thundering and internet is coming and going. It smells like rain so hopefully it will come. We need rain here!!!

Must run. Love to all, The Bullocks

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