Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

Well -- how about that. I got the pictures to send!! We are in the office all day as our truck is getting its regular service. With any luck we will get it back later today. If the internet will last we can get some work done. Jim is working on a mission 'issue'at the moment, along with the mission president.

We are healthy and fine. Good things happening. Our 2nd project proposal (grinding mill motor for the Old People's Home) got approved. YAH!! Now we just need to get a water project in and approved.

Love you all, Jim and Nancy

Kids at Damangwe Primary School - we gave them some balls.

We also surprised them with 18 cases of school kits and they were SO appreciative! They have NOTHING!

Kids waiting to carry in the school kits

Damangwe school buildings.

Kids water containers - using them to carry water about 200m to water their garden.

Water committee for the 4 boreholes we want to get back up and working.

Some of the suckers Ron & Shannon Polowyk sent in their package.

Kids from Damangwe (gr. 7) who had to bring a table and chair from home (if they had them) to use while they wrote the provincial exams.

Flamboyant Tree - beautiful red blossoms.

More suckers for the kids. They love it!!

Grinding mill building -- they have knocked out one wall and built this outer one. They've gone for more cement to plaster the walls.

This guy is always in the middle of the road trying to sell pool toys.

Flambouyant trees - not quite in full bloom.

Monkeys and Baboon on side of road.

In Canada we see gophers on the roadsides - here we see monkeys! They must be smarter than gophers though because they don't seem to get hit.

Road to church in Kadoma - lots of people walking in this area.

The Dube children - all dressed to match.

P.S. We got our truck back from having it serviced at 15,000km and it only cost us $300! They wanted to charge us almost $400, but Jim fought it and they reduced it. I think they know the church has money and charge us through the nose. The church does pay for it, but we get tired of feeling like they rip us off. :(

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  1. Hi you dont know me but I linked to here through a friends blog. I was born in Harare but left when I was three so I am loving the opportunity to visit through your wonderful service in a country I love. I was named Randa after the Jacaranda trees =)