Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greetings from Botswana - From Corn

This is from Cornelia who lives in Botswana. She was here with Reeve, CC, and Lolly for a month or so and we got to know her. She is organizing a day trip to Botswana for us when we go to Victoria Falls in April so that we can see some 'amazing' animals and sights. Thought these pictures were really good -- also there is a letter following her's from CC about what they are doing and the containers. Thought you might enjoy -- if not, sorry!!


Hi All

Just a quick email to show you a little of where I live and what I have been up to since the beginning of the year. I know I haven’t written to some of you in a very long time…my apologies, I hope to keep in touch. Work has been hard and I hope it is all in the name of progress. I am great though…still single…unfortunately – the years are flowing by quite quickly these days…its scary! But hope for the best and I am still smiling most of the time. I love my job, as you can see I live in an amazing place. It is high time some of you came for a visit…

These two hippos were fighting… it was amazing to watch.

We were completely surrounded by these…had to wait for them to finish their siesta before we could move.

This guy was right on the side of the road…not even bothered by us.

Blue Cheeked Bee-Eater

…have a great day.

Big Hugs to all


Kind regards

Cornelia Rautenbach

Operations Manager

Chobezi Safaris

Greetings everyone!!!

I apologize for my absence however, I have had such struggle getting to my e-mail while in Zimbabwe.

I hope this e-mail finds you well and excited about 2010! IT is a magnificent year that will be filled with fun, laughter and memorable moments. Just don’t forget to record them and keep them. As you might see below, I got a camera for my birthday and are very excited to show you all how I spend my 2010!!

We are now on the road for a month, and the internet is again up and running! So are we!!! We have spent the past four days in South Africa spending time with a friend who is having some health issues, had a golf day with a sponsor and we are now in Christchurch, New Zealand for a week to play the ‘Pegasus New Zealand Women’s Open’ before heading for Australia for ‘The Australian Open’ and ‘The Australian Masters’. This early start of our golf season is ALWAYS a highlight for us as we really enjoy the sunshine, the beach and the ‘Aussie-atmosphere!’

It has been such a busy time since Christmas, however it has been filled with one highlight after the other.

First... My birthday!!! J

Had a fabulous time with MANY friends visiting for the day. We had an ‘afternoon’ party due to the amount of children that were attending and we had a ‘mexican theme’ with enchiladas, fajitas and all the trimmings. It was SO fun!!!

Left: Reeve, Lolly and I with the Missionary couples that are in Zimbabwe!

Right: The entire ‘crew’ that came to the party! It was SO fun!!

Then we were excited to hear that the three containers we had packed and shipped from America, had arrived. We had them off-loaded on the church grounds (for safety and for easy access) and then gathered the troops to help us get organized. We already had one container there, so we un-packed, organized and re-packed the four containers so it now looks like a shop. We can go in there, locate what we need and then give it out to the most needed people here in Zimbabwe. It was SO much work, however SO much fun with the willing souls showing up to help us. What a Blessing!

We spent three whole days, re-organizing and sorting the containers, however we are SO grateful for the help, the kindness and the willingness of the people there. We are SO grateful for the donations and for everyone making these miracles happen. It really is a miracle, as we know that people’s lives will now be changed AND saved by the items in these containers. THANK YOU to all of you who have assisted!

I am a happy camper these days, I am enjoying myself and I’m happy with who I am and where I am..... Are you?? If not.... change it! Life’s too short to mess about!

Lots of love to you all,

Hugs Cecilie

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