Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Containers!!!

Hi, Thought you might be interested in this email we got from Reeve, CC, and Lolly regarding the containers they received and we helped unpack last week. Some of their golf sponsors paid for the containers and the shipping and lots of donors, filled the containers. It was a great undertaking. There are a lot of medical supplies. I went with Reeve and we took a vehicle full of medical supplies to a local dr. who has helped us for free when we took a couple of different people there who had come to us for help. There are also a lot of clothes, books etc. in the containers - it will help a lot of people.

Sister Bullock

Greetings everyone!!! (This is CC)

Last week we un-packed, organized and re-packed our three containers that were shipped from Utah in December. Everything in the containers needed to be re-packed and re-organized so that the Doctors could have easy access in choosing their necessary medical supplies. We also needed to know exactly what we had and have easy access to it so that distribution could be made easier.

When we reflected on the amazing miracles, the helping hands, the kind hearts, the sweat and hard work from SO many people around the world, we have only two words to say – THANK YOU!!

The overwhelming feeling of excitement, joy and peace came over us as we realized how many people we could now assist and how many Prayers will be answered through your acts of kindness, giving great ‘hope’ to so many Zimbabweans! THANK YOU!

We have had SO many donors assisting this ‘project’ so names will not be mentioned, however know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind contribution, your help and your effort in making this happen. When the three containers were sent on ‘Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistic’s’ ship from Houston, we were overjoyed and SO very excited! They were on their way! Now we had to go to Zimbabwe to prepare for their arrival.

The rumour had already hit Zimbabwe and the response from everyone was SO fun to see & feel! Willing souls, members and non-members alike, offered to help, so when they finally arrived in Harare on February 12th, we could barely wait to get started! Some land was cleared by our Church building, so we off loaded and lined up the containers so that we could have easy access!

The sun was shining…And so were we!!!

We already had one container lined up so we could organize and create a GREAT store room for all the donated items!

Volunteers came, old and young and as we provided food and drinks for everyone, they worked from morning to night to help us organize the much needed medical supplies, medicines, food, clothing, shoes, hygiene and new born kits, books, toys, school supplies, blankets and quilts! It was amazing to see how excited everyone was to help us!

As we were unpacking, Reg Nield (Reeve’s Dad) pointed us to a little Family that was temporarily staying close by, waiting to attend an ‘Eyes 4 Zimbabwe’ eye camp. The Father was completely blind (unfortunately he may not be assisted as he had measles when he was younger), the Mother was partially blind however this was rectified with surgery last week, and their little Son was bind in both eyes due to cataracts, he received his eye sight completely this last week after two 15minute operations! AMAZING!

We found food, clothing and nutritional supplements for them immediately…an awesome BLESSING to be able to assist them right away!

Each day we opened an un-packed new container and each day screams of joy and happiness came from everyone who was assisting us. The excitement of the

much needed supplies, food, clothing, books, school kits etc, we could hear out loud ! We were SO grateful for everyone’s participation and kind hearts!!!

We THANK each of you for your service, assistance, time, money and efforts that you put into this great project and for believing that it could happen as much as we did!

We pray that you will each understand the TERRIFIC impact that you have had on the Zimbabwean people! You have helped save lives, answer prayers and give joy and hope to thousands of people who currently are struggling to stay alive.


May The Lord continue to Bless you and your family!

Kind regards,

Cecilie, Laurette and Reeve

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