Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just a quick update.

Our policeman investigator, named, Lawrence, texted us last night and wanted to come today with his girlfriend, Doreen, so that we could explain things to her. We gave them the same discussion as we had given Lawrence already. Doreen is really quite shy and quiet but she seemed to understand. They committed to go to church tomorrow morning.

I helped organize some things from one of the containers that Reeve, Lolly, and CC brought over from SLC. There have been a lot of people out there working on it most of the day. I think they have one container done. There are a lot of good medical supplies as well as numerous other things. It is a big job. It will help a lot of people here in Zimbabwe. They had one empty container and put all the medical supplies into it and then sorted the other things and put them back into the first container.

We have talks to give tomorrow in Kadoma and are putting finishing touches on them. We are also invited and need to leave soon to go watch Ishmael play a squash game against the #2 player in Zimbabwe. That should be good. Ishmael is #1 in his age category. They are really quite amazing to watch. We are also invited to go watch Bro. and Sis. Sharp's daughter ballroom dance with the Bell's son. They are super good too and won all the competitions in SA recently and are now headed to Europe somewhere to compete. I don't know that we can
get to both events though. (The squash is closer so... we will try that first).

We went to Sharp's earlier so that Elder Bullock could do a polygamy interview for a lady who wants to get baptized. She works there. While we waited we were given juice, potato chips, small pancakes with syrup and when we left we were given a box of wonderful chocolates
(which we aren't eating - but Mayfields will enjoy them for us!). Sharps weren't home but the domestic help were treating us well. Nice!

Love to all, The Bullocks

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