Friday, March 19, 2010

ANother good day!

Hi everyone,

We had a great day yesterday (Thursday). We went out and watched them put in the new water tank (see pictures on blog). There were three other ladies there watching and they were having a great time, chatting away mostly in Shona. They were thrilled to be getting the tank as it will give them water in their taps and they won't have to haul it all in from the borehole. The borehole motor will supply the tank and then it is gravity fed to the taps at the teachers residences and the school. We were not able to test the tank as the one with the key was away for the day.

From there we went to the clinic where they were installing one transformer. Yes, only one was delivered as they only could get a small truck. When the arrived they couldn't get to the poles where the transformer was to go (at the nurses residence) because it was too soft from the recent rain. A farmer brought his tractor over and that was used and it worked well. They finally got it all connected and we went to the residence, turned all the breakers to 'on' to see if they had electricity. One fellow was excited because he said his phone was charging. I said, Let's turn on a light - but they had no light bulbs since there has been no power there for 3 years. Someone ran off to the clinic to fetch a globe. He brought it back put it in and at first it didn't work - but he tightened it up and YES!! there was light. They were so excited!!!!!!!

Today has had it's challenges to say the least but we have finally resolved things we think. We found out that World Vision also was planning on putting a 100 Kva transformer at the same clinic as us. When we went to the clinic yesterday we were VERY surprised to see a huge transformer sitting inside the clinic and also a bush pump on their borehole. They told us that World Vision had done that. We went to World Vision and talked to them. We think the clinic people were not upfront with World Vision and didn't tell them that we were already doing the project. The other clinic had apparently also been approached by World Vision but they told them we were doing it and so they did not pursue it. Anyway, after much discussion etc. we will go ahead and have our transformer installed tomorrow as we had ordered ours long before they did. They can put theirs somewhere else much easier than we can. We have decided that we will likely not do the electric borehole and tank for that clinic though as they now have a bushpump and since they allowed World vision to do that - that is what they will get. The one we were doing would have been nicer for them but..... o well!! (unless they come up with a good reason that we should do it still).

The other clinic is suppose be getting their other two transformers installed tomorrow as well. We will go out and watch and check on things tomorrow.

Sherry Dew, with Deseret Books, donated a lot of books to Reeve, CC and Lolly when they sent the containers here recently. Sherry Dew will be coming here to go out and deliver some books to children. Reeve ask if we can arrange to take them all to some remote areas and arrange to have children there to receive a book each. Reeve will arrange to get the books there. We will take them to Muzarabani, if all goes as planned, on April 12th. I am hoping we can send some clothing etc. there as well.

I didn't get the pictures to send yet. Sis. Mayfield is emailing them to me but they didn't come yet. I borrowed her camera yesterday but as of today I have my new camera that the girls picked up for us in South Africa. It is hard to live without a camera here with all that we are involved in.

Bye for now!! The Bullocks

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