Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our day

Just a quick note. We spent the day with Pastor Wonder out in the Goromonzie rural areas. He wants boreholes for his people out there. We said we would look at some sites with him. We went to about 10 different villages. First at each village we had to go get the village chief (or treasurer, or secretary, or whoever....) and then go to the central site where they would like a borehole. The villages can take in an area of about 4 or 5 km. across and if we can put in a bushpump in each village it will cut down on distances that they walk for water. (although some will still walk 2 or 3 km.). I think they really can use boreholes there, especially from June - Dec (dry season). Right now, during the wet season the people are getting their water from shallow wells or the river and should boil the water but they admit that a lot of people drink it straight from the source and often get sick. We are looking and gathering information from several different areas and when the water specialists come from USA we will show them the area and they will help us decide which areas we will do. They will also help us develop the project. (maybe I told yout this already - I lose track.) Last year in Madagascar the water specialist helped develop and 5 yr. plan for water projects so that could happen here too.

It was a long day for us. It rained a lot last night so some places were wet and muddy. We were concerned a couple of times about getting out of where we were but did just fine. Pastor Wonder got us lost at one point but he would have us stop and ask directions and we had someone get in with us to show us the way out of where we were - then the person got out and walked back home. The road (trail through the tall grass) was less than desirable and Elder Bullock was not too impressed. I guess if we were to get stuck there would be plenty of guys that would show up out of the surrounding tall grass to push us out. We don't feel at all worried when we are out there. People are good to us. When we first got here we were terrified but have relaxed considerably -- although we are still cautious and careful.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Guess what!!!!!! Our 4 transformers are finished and supposedly will be taken out tomorrow to the clinics. Also a 5000 ltr. plastic water tank is being installed out at Kadyamadare School. These projects are kind of in the same area so we will spend the day out there watching things happen, with any luck at all.

Yesterday we had a black lady Dr. come in. We had taken a lot of medical things to her office from Reeve, CC, and Lolly's container. She came to see if there were any anitbiotics but they can't disburse those, of course. She said that she is arranging with a couple of other doctors to go to a clinic in Goromonzi for one day and have people come for free. I ask her if they would need extra help because we would love to go out with them and do whatever they needed us to do. She said she would like that and will let us know when.

We stopped at a clinic out there today (I wonder if it is the clinic the Drs. might be going to work from). They have water from an electric borehole when the electricity is working. They would love a borehole with a manual bushpump. I guess we will wait and see. They need medical supplies out there too so we will ask Reeve if we can take some things out. They said their blood pressure cuff is not working and I do have one that Reeve gave me, just in case, we found someone who needed it. I will take that out when we go.

We are tired tonight and should sleep well after all the fresh air and walking into the possible borehole sites. I am glad I went back to the flat and got my running shoes. I needed them.

Beauty is cleaning our flat and doing our laundry today. That is always nice to go home to. She irons EVERYTHING!

Must get going - this turned out to be more than a short note!! :) Love to all.


  1. Beauty sounds like my Grandma Easter. She ironed everything too! Including all underwear and towels. LOL!

    Sounds like you are getting a lot of good work done for the people over there.

  2. They are truly blessed to have you their helping and assisting them in any way possible. It sounds like there is still a lot of work and service that is needed.

    This should make all of us feel so fortunate for the simple things that we take for granted.