Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our adventure

Hi everyone, We went to Muzarabani this morning and were planning to stay overnight there, however, we decided to come back to Harare. It has been raining there for 2 weeks straight and things were rather wet and muddy. Just before we got to Muzarabani, Seka took us off the main road to check out the place that we were suppose to stay overnight. We got part way up that road only to find that a bridge was half washed out. We went back and a little further down the road was the 2nd choice for our overnight stay. We left the main road again and went past a place that didn't look too inviting. Seka said to drive a little further. We went down a bit of a hill and there was a white lady camping out in sort of a campground area.

We stopped and talked to her and she told us not to go any further and she said that she hoped we had a 'four wheel drive' so we could get back out of where we were. Well -- we don't have a four wheel drive!!!!!!

She was about my age. They are from South Africa and her husband has a contract to build a road nearby there and he was gone somewhere to buy diesel to bring back for the machinery. Anyway, she suggested that we try and back out rather than turn around. We tried but......
Jim went forward into a small stream where he could get some grip from the rocks and made a run for it ..... several times. There was mud spraying up the sides of the truck.

The lady suggested that he wouldn't get out unless we pushed so between me, Seka and the lady pushing we slowly managed to get out of there. We got up the incline and were able to turn around and drove out ok after that. I managed to stay mostly out of the line of flying mud but got splattered a bit on my shoes and legs.

We decided after that we didn't want to stay and go out into the rurals looking at borehole sites when things were that muddy and wet. Not a good idea!!! Besides, we didn't know that we can't buy diesel there for our truck and didn't have enough to go tour the borehole sites AND get back to Harare. So - we have arranged to go back on March 30 and 31st and try again if it is dry. We will take some jerry cans of diesel with us next time too.

We took some clothing up and gave it to Pastor Mhike to distribute (a lot of loose stuff that we had that needed to be cleaned up). Also took a bit of soap and also some clothes for Seka's mother and some stuff called "nutrition for children" that Reeve and the girls brought in their container. It is a rice/lentil mix with some seasoning. People up in that area are hungry due to the fact that their maize crop is a write-off since the rain came too late. We didn't see his mother as she was out working in the field somewhere but he did see his sister. We tried to put the things into her hut quickly before neighbors started gathering and would see what we had. It worked, I think. We just didn't have enough to give to others.

Seka says he is going to give us an acre of land there so we can build ourselves a hut and move in!!!!! It is a beautiful area but.................. lot of buts......

We did give the kids candy (sweeties) and Jim juggled his tennis balls for them and tried to teach them how to do it. They like that. The kids were also making a high jump standard out of twigs. I took a few pictures and will have to send them tomorrow. I didn't get any pictures of us trying to get out of the mud though. My camera is doing weird things suddenly and I don't know how to fix it. I borrowed Mayfield's camera today. I think we may have to email Reeve and ask if she can buy us a camera in Australia or SA on their way back from the golf tour. They will be back about the middle of March.

Anyway - it is getting late so I better run. Love to all, Elder & Sister Bullock

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  1. I think that your rural background is of good use there. I can just imagine that scene. I was laughing out loud. Wish that we were closer to send you a pkg. Take care.......