Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24th - Yeah!! My birthday!!

We started our day by going to play squash at 5:15 a.m.. Reeve and Lolly were there and brought me a b.d. present. That was really nice of them. They gave me 3 squash balls, an Australia T-shirt, 3 prs. of socks, and some nice smelling soap from Bath & Body. That was a nice way to start my day! :) Those girls are so good to us.

We came to the church to watch the DVD of general conference only to find that they decided to postpone showing it to next weekend - I think they forgot to announce it last Sunday. However, Elder Bullock is teaching the first discussion to a young man (Lawrence's friend). If you remember - Lawrence and Doreen are getting baptized May 8th. "The Professor", Bro. Matize, is here with us and bore a beautiful testimony. (The young man that is here doesn't have his Restoration Pamphlet that we gave him before because his friend that he stays with took it and he also wants to be taught.) We could do this full time.

We are taking the Professor home afterwards and he wants us to talk to a Pastor that lives nearby him and has some questions. The Professor has been telling him about the church. We wondered what we would do today when we found out that conference was postponed but..... our day is already filling up with good things.

Later..... We've been to the Professors' home and they seem to be basically okay (this note is for the Taylors). He is getting $50 a month pay and the rent is $40 so that leaves $10 to live on for the month. That is pretty tough but he rides his bike to work (1 1/2 hrs. one way) and he just keeps hoping that things will improve and that they will start paying him what he is suppose to get. He has a supply of maize that he just harvested from his garden. We gave them a bag of naatchies. He will be to church tomorrow.
We went to the Pastor's house with him and the wife and children were there but the Pastor is away so we will have to try and meet him another day.

We are heading home for a while and will go out for supper with Mayfields to celebrate my birthday. The Bowens are in Malawi for a few days so that they can re-enter the country and renew their Visas as they are still waiting for their TEP's to get approved.

Love to all

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