Monday, April 12, 2010

Hi to all,

We had a great week away for our couple's conference. We had a few hours of meetings at the hotel that were really good. It was nice to get to know and be with all the couples in the mission as we never see the ones in Malawi and Zambia.

Four of the couples drove to the Falls and we stopped on the way (about 2 hrs. before the Falls) at Hwange National Park. We stayed overnight there at a lodge. It was just okay there. In the evening and morning we drove around through the animal park for a while but really didn't see a lot. Apparently there is usually quite a bit to see. There was no food to be had there and we decided that rather than drive a few km. to a nearby place we just combined what we had and made-do. We each had half a sandwich, a few chips, and a piece of fruit. It worked out just fine.

The next morning we left for the Falls and ate lunch when we got to our hotel. We stayed at the Kingdom Hotel and it was VERY nice. What a treat it was for all of us. We went on a 'sunset cruise' on the Zambezi River. We didn't see much wildlife but it was relaxing and beautiful scenery. Wednesday morning we were picked up and taken to Botswana where we had another river cruise on the Chobe ?? river. It was really nice and we did see a lot of hippos, neat looking birds, a few crocodiles, and a lot of elephants. We saw one group of hippos where we counted 48 total - just basking in the river, keeping cool.

We had lunch and then were taken on an animal drive. That was fun and we saw hundreds of elephants. We were right up close to them but were assured that they wouldn't hurt us and they didn't. We were on a safari vehicle, not walking around. It was pretty neat. We also saw a female lion and her cub laying under some trees but I didn't get a picture. It was a great day of sightseeing. We returned back to our hotel at Victoria Falls and had a nice supper and they had some entertainment - traditional dancing and singing.

Thursday morning we went to see the Falls. They were amazing with sooo much water going over. It is the end of the rainy season so the falls are at their fullest and it was extremely misty. We got thoroughly soaked, even with our rain coats on. The mist was so much at times that it just poured rain on us in certain areas. My new camera got damp and quit working but we managed to dry it out and it seems to be okay, for the most part. Whew!! It would be nice to see the falls again when the water is not so high but we likely will not be able to do that. We could not see all the way across the falls due to the mist. There is enough water going over the falls in one day that they could supply all of Jo'berg with water to drink and for their crops for 1 year.

We left Thursday afternoon and drove back to our lodge at Hwange Park and spent the night. We got up early and headed back to Harare. We had a great time visiting with the couples and enjoyed the time together.

Posing with singers and dancers

Along the Zambezi River

Zambezi River Cruise

Sunset on Zambezi River

Zambezi River at dusk (on cruise)

Beautiful - huge Zambezi (runs into Indian Ocean)

Kingdom Hotel at Victoria Falls - very nice!!

Entering Botswana for another River Cruise and a game drive

Hope this sign helps!!

Teak Trees along river

Lily pads on River

Lily pads, etc. on river

Young crocodile

Interesting looking tree and vines

Look at all the hippos!


Wow! Here come the elephants for a drink!


Here comes the BIG daddy

Bath time - See the one splashing muddy water onto her baby (on shore)


President and Sister Dube'

Dung beetle - pushing a ball of dung (lays eggs inside and then it feeds babies for 2 weeks)

Pregnant giraffe. Babies are born with mother standing. The drop 'kick starts' them. If born with mother laying down they would die.

We saw sooooo many elephants (hundreds of them in Botswana)

View of river from land animal cruise (the river was very high)

Our group of missionary couples with Pres. and Sis. Dube'

Part of Victoria Falls -- so much water!!!

Lots of mist

More of the Falls - Water is at it's highest at this time of year

Vic Falls

Further along the Falls

The main falls -- because of the high water and mist we could not see across the whole falls at once


Victoria Falls

Still more of them

This is from the mist which is a lot of places was heavy rain. We got soaked even with our rain capes.

Yesterday we went to Kadoma to church and the head master from Danangwe school went to church again. Afterwards he told me that he wants to get baptized. I told him that he needs to be taught the discussions and that we would like to teach his family along with him. He has a wife and 3 teenage children. Actually the branch missionaries from Kadoma will teach them. Later in the day we got a text message from Lawrence. He has arranged labola with Doreen's parents and they are now traditionally married. He has set a baptism date. We were excited to hear that because he is a really good young man.

We are to go to Muzarabani today to take up food and books etc., but are having great difficulties getting a truck so we are not sure if it is going to happen. We are all still working on it.

Must run and get back to work. Love to all, Sister Bullock

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  1. Thanks for all the interesting details and pictures. I am just fascinated by the things you're doing down there and the experiences you're having.