Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Muzarabani trip this past week

Hi, I remember after I write things that I wanted to tell.

When we were in Muzarabani driving through the countryside we gave out several hygiene kits when we felt prompted and we also gave out a lot of sweets to the kids. As we did this people wanted to give us watermellon from their fields. They grow it in amongst their sorgum plants. We ended up with 9 watermellon. We have one in the fridge but haven't tried it. They aren't as nice as the ones at home as they have bigger seeds and don't seem as solid. Needless to say we gave some away to the gardeners and the elders.

The Sorgum plant looks similar to a corn stalk but the seed grows up from the top. The pick off the stalk of seeds and dry it and then put in on some mesh and shake it/rub or whatever to get the seeds off and they fall through. It is quite a small seed (smaller than wheat) and they grind it and cook it up like a porridge (kind of like they do with the maize). They had some sorgum crops up there but expect about 1/5 of what it should produce. They do not like sorgum near as much as maize (mealie meal) but they eat what they have.

On Thursday we went to the house/farm of the head master of Kadyamadare school. His name is Joel Musoro. He is a good man. He was herding his cows (all 3 or 4 of them) when we arrived. He said he needed to bring them in so they wouldn't eat someone else's field so we waited for a few minutes for him. He didn't know we were stopping by. They just harvested their ground nuts (peanuts) and he had several large bags that he said would last the year. He gave us some in a grocery sack. They are raw so we will have to roast them. His wife gave us a small jar of peanut butter that she had just made. I ask if she had a peanut butter machine but she does not. She grinds the nuts between to flat-type rocks and turns them to butter and adds a little salt. It is quite good but REALLY sticks to the roof of our mouths. It was very smooth - it would be interesting to watch her make it.

We found out that we are not getting General conference this weekend. We will see if on DVD in 2 or 3 weeks. The area presidency decided to do it that way for some reason. We went to Glendale this morning and met with Bigboy, Susan and their family AND Susan's sister was there also. So we now have another investigator on our list. She seems quite interested and they will all go to church in Bindura tomorrow and we will go there as well since there is not conference broadcast. We had a good discussion with them and showed them "The Restoration" DVD with our computer. It was good.

Lawrence has gone this weekend with his girl, Doreen, to work out the labola with her parents. They know that they cannot get baptized until that is done - once done, they are considered to be traditionally married and the church will allow them to be baptized. They cannot go to the temple though until there is a civil marriage. He told us that he didn't want to be living in 'sin' anymore and wanted to get this done. He took his whole paycheque ($150) for the month to do this - pay for their transport there and also to give the parents a 'token' towards labola. I wonder how many of us would be willing to do that. We have given the Elders some rice/bean mix to take to him this week when he gets back so they will have food for the month.
We better head home. We invited the other 2 couples over for Easter dinner tomorrow. I will make Merci's chicken recipe with some rice, green beans and ?? and watermellon for dessert. :)

Love to all, The Bullocks

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