Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One storey about a bike!!

Hi! A couple weeks ago, we asked on facebook if anyone would like to donate a little money to help us purchase some bikes for some people here and the response was overwhelming! We were able to purchase one of the bikes already, but we had to leave for Zambia before we could give it away, so we asked Elder & Sister Bowen to give one of the bikes to Bro. Matize (The Professor). He rides his bike 1 1/2 hrs. to work everyday and a week or two he had an accident on it when he hit a pothole in the dark. He hurt himself a bit (missed 1 day or work) and damaged his bike. His bike wasn't the greatest to begin with and we had thought about giving him one. He was having pay to ride transport to work which his budget really can't afford until he could money to get his bike repaired.

Anyway - here is the report that we just received today from Elder Bowen about giving the bike to the Professor (he's called Professor because he loves to read so much).

It brought tears to my eyes when I read the following. Thank you so much for the contributions to the bike fund!!!! You have made this man soooooo happy!

Elder Bowen's report:

'Happy that you made it without negative incident. Things are well here. The professor was so excited .... "never dared to pray for so much" ... "would rather have the bike than a car" ... "the Lord really does love me" ... Before he knew it was his, I asked him to help me take the coverings off it. He said it was the best bike made; that a Shimano was the best; that if he could ever buy one his wife would make him take it back because she knew it was stolen; I had him ride it to see if he thought it would hold up for missionaries who would be very rough on it. He showed me the disc brakes, the shocks, etc. As he finished riding it around the parking lot I asked him how he liked it. He said to own it would be a dream come true. I said it is yours. He couldn't understand at first. I told him that the Bullocks, their family, and friends had purchased it for him. He said God was blessing him more than he deserved. In the mean time Sister Bowen got some good pictures. You are next to the angels in his view.

Isn't that exciting? We have given 3 more bikes and will report on that and send pictures soon. We'll get the pictures from the Bowen's of the Professor when we return to Harare and post them up so you can see!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're all so wonderful!!
Much love, The Bullocks

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  1. Oh wow! We aren't on facebook so was unaware of this. Thank you for sharing this here. What an amazing and powerful story. It brings tears to my eyes.