Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, June 22nd

Hi everyone,

We are back from Zambia and we had a nice time there. We enjoyed our stay with the couples there (Esplins (related to Jared distantly, Flakes (the measles specialists), Wards (Audit/financial training missionaries from Jo'berg), and Bronte. They seemed a little more
relaxed there than we are here in Harare - perhaps we should take some lessons!

We drove from Lusaka to Victoria Falls on mostly good roads but we did have a couple of stretches with some huge potholes that we fortunately missed. The falls were great - a little less water than before and more sunshine so we saw some nice rainbows. I will send some

Rainbow over the falls

At Victoria Falls

In the mist at Vic Falls - major rain and we got pretty soaked

We went from there to Bulawayo to Gweru where we stayed at Antelope Park. We really enjoyed our stay there in a 'river tent'. It was a tent but didn't really feel like one as it had a bathroom and regular beds/dressers etc. They had a big bonefire in a nice pit and we visited with some nice people we met there. It was a very relaxing evening. Bronte really had a good 'walk with the lions' as she was the only one on the walk and got lots of personal attention. She has a lot of good pictures. We didn't go on the walk as we had done it before and it isn't cheap.
She also did the elephant ride.

We arrived home safe and sound last evening and got up for squash this morning. All in all it was a good week.

We did go to some meetings in Lusaka regarding the measles campaign and will go back up mid July. We looked at a possible project there and will look at another one in July that the District Pres. wants to show us.

Today we caught up on some office work and Bronte, Sis. Mayfield, Sister Bowen and myself went shopping this afternoon and had a good time out with just the girls. We even bought chocolate and I found some sugar free chocolate - Belgian chocolates and they are really

A couple of guys from a borehole drilling company came into today and we had a good meeting with them. We will meet with them again the first day that the Johnson (water specialists) arrive as they have some good information.

We didn't realize it was Father's Day on Sunday until in the afternoon when Bronte wished Jim a happy Father's Day. We hadn't even thought about it. But we hope all our sons and son-in-laws had a good day.

Hope all is well. Love to all, Elder & Sister Bullock

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