Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All is well. We have completed day 3 at the MTC. It is great. They keep us busy with classes etc. We are learning lots or at least trying to. We got a note as we were about to leave late this afternoon that we are to be there at 6:50 a.m. tomorrow morning so we can be taken to church headquarters for some "Perpetual Education Fund" training. We weren't expecting that but it should be interesting. Wade has been generous enough to loan us his car so we can drive back and forth and mom won't have to be our taxi.

We have met two couples who are going to Johanesburg, So. Africa and we will likely be seeing more of them when we get there. They are leaving this weekend - too bad -- we were hoping we would be able to travel there together. We leave the afternoon of the 14th and fly to Chicago, London, England, Johanesburg, and then to Harare. It will take about 30 hrs. to get there (including a couple of long layovers). We do get some good seats after we leave Chicago (not first class but better than coach - with more leg room and more width.

It is nice to see a couple of people we know at the MTC (Terry Wolsey) she grew up in Mt. View and also Weldy Perret from Mt. View. We also have seen the two young elders from Airdrie - Elder Dennis Quick and Elder Harding (Airdrie 2nd ward).

We better get ready for bed as we have an early morning.

Love you, Sister Bullock

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