Thursday, February 12, 2009

An update of our lives - never a dull moment. Tues. evening at the missionary devotional Jim had some chest pains. They went away after about 1/2 hr. but it worried him because he had some chest pains when he had the blood clot go through his heart last spring. (however, we have been told here that there wouldn't have been pain when that happened). It was suggested we should go get the pain checked out so we went to Timpanogos Hospital and they did an EKG, chest Xray and blood tests. At the end of all that they said everything looked just fine. However, the next day they called and said that the radiologist had looked at the Xray and could see something and they ask if he could come back for a CT Scan. So, late yesterday we went back. This morning we found out that he has some enlarged lymph nodes in his chest (the biggest one being 9.8 mm). We understand that it is good that they are under 1 cm.

This afternoon we had an appointment with a specialist in SLC. He will consult with two other drs. and they will look at the CT scan and he will get back to us in a day or two. So - we are not leaving for Zimbabwe on Saturday. They have postponed things for a few days. The Dr. thinks that they will likely reassign us (but we don't know for sure yet). He will recommend that another CT scan is done in 6 months. The Dr. doesn't know what would have caused the chest pain. Jim feels just fine. I guess we will see what the Drs. think about all this and hope it isn't too serious. One of the Drs. he is consulting with is a cancer dr. but we will try and to think about that unless we have to. So, keep us in your prayers.

We will let you when we know more.
Love, Elder and Sister Bullock

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