Thursday, February 19, 2009

We are off to SLC this morning for the stress test at 11:30 and then we have an appt. with Dr. Doty at 2:00 p.m. He is the thorasic (spelling) surgeon. We will consult with him about the procedure to use a scope and take a biopsy of some of the lymph nodes.

We had a bit of stressful day yesterday - we made the decision to go ahead and to the biopsy and felt good about it but then Dr. maxwell told us that he wouldn't advise going that route. We talked to a couple of other drs. and then Dr. Doty called last night (from the missionary committee) and told us that he would definitely recommend doing the biopsy and getting to the bottom of things now and getting us on our way. He said he would call his son who is also a thorasic surgeon and see if he could see us today -- and he will. We are to pick up the CT scans from Dr. maxwell's office and take them with us. It sounds like both Dr., Dotys will be there this afternoon.

Dad had a blessing from Wade and his cousin, Fraser Bullock last evening and Fraser said that we would know very clearly the route that we should go and that the Doctors would be blessed through Jim that the procedure would go well. Afterward Fraser also said that his advise would be to have the biopsy and find out exactly what we are dealing with rather than wait for 6 months. So - that is what we plan to do. Dr. Doty called after Fraser was here and was very helpful. We feel good about our decision again!!

Diane dropped in last night when Jim was about to get a blessing and she wanted a blessing too. Wade and Jim gave her a blessing after Fraser left. She has some stresses in her life. We had a good visit and discussed our problems and helped each other out. It was nice actually. They were here a couple of hours or more.

It would be REALLY nice to get some emails from our kids!!!! Tell us what you are doing and what's going on in your lives.

Take care and have a really good day.
Love you lots, Mom and Dad

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