Friday, February 27, 2009

Hi to our family,
Not a lot happening here - just trying to keep busy.  Yesterday we went to the temple and then met our Inkom, ID friends for lunch in SLC.   After that we went to the Missionary Dept.  to ask how long it would take to book our flights once they got the go-ahead from the doctor.   We met with a nice guy who seemed happy to meet us since he said they had talked about us a lot.  He invited us to his office and he talked a lot about Zimbabwe - good stuff.   He's anxious to get us on our way.  We told him that Jim was feeling really good but that we couldn't get back to see the Dr. until Thurs. the 5th because Dr. Doty only sees patients in his office on Thursdays.   He said, "well lets see what we can do about that".  He got hold of Dr. Doty and told him that they wanted to get us away as soon as possible and wondered if he could expedite things for us.  Dr. Doty agreed to see us on Monday between surgeries.   Those brethern can certainly pull strings.  It's great!!!    
Apparently as soon as they get the ok they will start working on our flight plans and it could happen quite quickly. 
Our friends the Bennetts, from Airdrie, emailed that their daughter just had some surgery at that same hospital where we will be on Monday so we will get together with them for a little while.  That will be nice to see them.
Tonight we are going to a ward party with mom.  Tomorrow we are going out later in the day with Wade and Kim and possibly Diane for supper.  Sunday we are invited to dinner at Glen's, (dad's brother) -- grandma Bullock will be there too.  They live in Pleasant Grove (not far from here).  After that we will go to Diane's place for sugar-free dessert that is really yummy.
The weather has been rather nice - sorry to make you feel bad - I know it has been cold up there again.   It is a little cooler today but is suppose to warm up to 59degrees on Tues.  NICE!!   
We will start going through our things and packing for Zimbabwe.  We have accumulated a few things over the past month.  (paperwork, etc. from the MTC).  We will decide what we really need to take.  They gave us each a water bottle that filters out 99.99% of bad stuff.  They are suppose to be really good.  We are each allowed 2 - 50# checked bags and 1 - 40# carry on plus a purse or computer. That isn't too bad really.  We will have to pack heavier stuff in our small carry-ons along with a change of clothes in case luggage gets lost.  
Hope you are all doing ok.  Keep in touch and let us know.
Love, mom/dad,   Jim/nancy 

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