Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello family and friends,

Merci was baptized today and it all went great. She bore a great testimony at the end. The water was rather cool but she was brave! Tomorrow Elder Bullock will confirm her at the Highlands Ward here by the mission office. It was a good day. She is a fantastic lady!
Merci's baptism

Our other family has some issues and so their baptism needs to be postponed. Sis. Kureva was rather disappointed but it is for the best right now. The missionaries talked to them this morning and we will go out and talk in the next day or two.

Tomorrow afternoon we have to a meeting at the Celebration Centre to make some final plans for the meeting there with Elder Holland. After that there is choir practice - and I need all the practice I can get for that on the keyboard. That will about take care of our day.

Our golf/squash friends are back in town for 10 days or so and so we (myself and E/S Deppe) met them this morning and played squash. I told Sis. Deppe she needed to learn how so that we can play together. This morning they had me playing against a guy that they train with - he is #1 in Zimbabwe at playing squash. He was nice to me and let me get a few points but I did get a good workout. Reeve and Lolly have these guys play with them so that they get a really good workout - and then they helped teach the Deppes. I thought I did pretty good, considering I haven't played for a few months. It was fun and really good exercise -- I will likely have some stiff muscles tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing okay.
Love, E/S Bullock

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