Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good morning,

We are in the office most of the day today attempting to write us some projects that we have been working on: 2 grinding mills projects and a water project. We are slowly getting some of the information that we need. We may also go over to World Vision today and fill out the
paperwork so that we can go see Florence's child that she supports here in Bulawayo.

Several weeks ago we were driving by a congregation of Apostalic members having their meeting. They meet here, there and everywhere out in the open fields or under a tree. There are a lot of them here. They dress in white robes. Anyway we stopped for a couple of minutes
and the bishop (leader) of the group came over to our vehicle and invited us to join them but we declined. However, we did tell him who we are and gave him a Book of Mormon and our phone number. Last night we got a text message from him that he has read the book and he wants to meet with us and talk about it - we set that up for next Tuesday. Should be interesting.

Elder Bullock gave a B of M to a fellow he met at the vegetable store (FAVCO) last weekend and just called him. His cousin took the book because he was interested and so we told the fellow we would bring him another one today. We can buy some more apples while we are there - the
ones we bought on the weekend were excellent.

I planted some lettuce (romaine and head) here in the garden by the church and it has turned out quite lovely, except only 1 head of the iceberg grew. I will plant some more since it did so well. The radishes did not turn out good at all nor the zuchini - for some reason it doesn't do well here. The carrots and onions are good. Huseni gave us a bunch of spinach from his garden yesterday and it was really nice too. They do have to use a lot of pesticides and fertilizer here so there is really no such thing as organic. They burn the fields instead of plowing it in (some say it helps to kill the pests). The burning starts pretty seriously in August - we have seen a lot more of it in the past few days and we hear it gets worse. Not great for the air quality!!

Yesterday when we were in the rurals (Goromonzi) with Pastor Wonder looking at their water needs (and there are many) we stopped to see Jean Mitchell at her farm. We met her once before. They are doing well - have had a golfing vacation in South Africa. Her brother with downs syndrome passed away while they were gone (he was 61 yrs. old). These people have had their farm taken from them (about 2000 acres) and are left with just the homestead. They had a beautiful dairy farm and were forced to sell the cattle. They just hope and pray that they won't kick them off their homestead too that has been in the family for years and years. Very sad! She is a nice lady and seemed glad for our visit.

I better get to work. I will send a few pictures.

Panashe Kureva and Elder Bullock
Panashe is getting baptized with his mom and dad on Aug. 15th if all goes as planned.

Our two friends with great smiles that we meet on our morning walks.

Young Women's class at Marondera Branch.
They have their class outside due to lack of space.

Love, President & Sister Bullock

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