Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11th

Good day,

We have had a busy morning. We went out and met our Bishop from the Apostolic Church - well actually he says he is a prophet and got his call from Peter in a dream. Elder Bullock talked to him for about an hour and you could see his eyes light up as he understood what the Book of Mormon is. He taught him about authority and our living prophet on Earth today - I think it did give him something to think about. He says he wants his people to have the true church and he does want to talk more and learn. We told him we would have the missionaries call him and set up a time to meet him and that we will come along as well. He will continue to read the B of M and it will make more sense now that he understands more about what it is and where it came from.

Pastor Seka (no longer Pastor) was in again and wants to talk some more. He has to head home but will be back again in a couple of weeks and will come for Elder Holland's fireside on the 28th. He really is hungry to learn more but understands that it takes time and that we always are learning. What a great experience to be able to teach him and see the light in his eyes.

We walked this morning with E/S Deppe. They are eager to walk each morning and that helps us - she is a good inspiration to me. She just lost a bunch of weight with Weight Watchers so we have something in common and we can work on it together.

We are having a good day and must get on with it.

On the way home from Kadoma on Sunday we passed a field burning - seemed a bit out of control but no one seemed to concerned. We could feel the heat as we drove by this fire.


We had a nice visit this afternoon with this family.
Li, Cathy and Ali with Elder Bullock

He works here in Zimbabwe at the Chinese Embassy and his wife is here to visit him for 4 weeks, with their child. She teaches English in Beijing with a couple that we met at the MTC and they were hoping that we would be able to meet the family here and have a chance to talk to them about some eternal things. We were able to do that and gave them each a book and some pamphlets. They are a really nice family. We
will keep in touch with him while he is here.

We have had a full day. It is a holiday here (yesterday and today) so shops are closed and the internet is working much faster than normal as no one is working - except us.

We will head home and stop to see Merci on our way.

Love to all, The Bullocks
Love, E/S Bullock

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