Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hello everyone,

The new office couple, the Deppe's, arrived yesterday afternoon. They are from the Ogden, UT area. This is their 2nd mission - the first was Canada Toronto West procilyting mission. They are really nice and I know we are going to be good friends and neighbors. We are having supper tonight with the Taylors and Deppes at the Taylor's flat (potato bar).

We have been to World Vision this morning and filled out the forms so the Canadian World Vision people can do a police check on us and give the okay for us to visit Florence's child in Bulawayo - probably on August 24th. The World Vision lady from Bulawayo was there this morning and will meet us when we go. We ask if she could let us know what we might bring to help out the family and perhaps a few close neighbors. They said they generally live in groups of 3 or 4 families so that will work out well as we can't help all 600 in the village. We are looking forward to doing that. We will be in Bulawayo that weekend for a service project and also we are hoping to check out a school for disabled persons there (they sent us a request for some help).

In a few minutes we are going to visit the Malawi Embassy ambassador and talk about needs in Malawi and perhaps get some possible partners that we could work with there for wheelchairs, etc. Wellington, our National public relations director for the church is going with us.

We also talked to a girl yesterday in our office that is going to arrange for us to go see some prisons. We told her we have heard bad things and have been afraid to go there. She told us a few things and said it would be fine if we go with someone who is already doing things there to help. She may be coming back today with her boss and we will talk. It sounds like there are a ton of needs there, of course. Maybe we can help a little.

Bishop Chris is still sending pleading text messages but we haven't given in yet. He did tell us once that if he keeps asking eventually he will get what he wants. However, we can't. He's like a little kid that just keeps at you until you give in and that makes us all the more determined to stick to our guns. We think there are more needy people than his right now. One of his messages today was: "I am 53 years of age, 10 years with your LDS Charities. I have worked with 6 elders and you are the 7th. You represent the church and there is no church without people. Judas hanged himself, why? I am ashamed before the people. Shame killed Judas, Elder. He chose than live. I have adjusted. Give my people 2 boxes of newborn kits, and one bale of clothes."

We told him it is time to quit asking. The newborn kits are going to a hospital. It is time to be happy and get on.... O brother! He is driving us crazy. He is a nice guy really. He just can't take 'no' for an answer.

Later... we are back from the Malawi Embassy. It was a good meeting with the Acting Ambassador (that was at our lunch meeting with Pres. Dube last week). She is a very nice lady and will help us all she can to have contact and arrange some projects in Malawi for wheelchairs
and possibly water.

We are on our way home to start supper for the couples.
Love to all, The Bullocks

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  1. LOL! Bishop Chris just cracks me up!

    I hope you will keep us updated on the prison. Sounds kind of scary for sure.