Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Mission


A couple of days ago Kimberley got 2 cheques in the mail for us from Deseret Mutual Insurance (the co. that insures missionary couples). She also discovered that in November they credited our Master Card with over $2000. She called them and was told that we were released last March and that we never came to Zimbabwe. They have been charging our M/C each month for our health insurance and Kim has been paying it (and the credit was them paying it all back, since they thought they were charging us in error). YIKES!! She assured them that we were indeed here and was told that we need to call them to fix things. We will do that on Monday.

Jim called the Missionary Dept. this morning (late night for them) and talked to Bro. Seegmiller. He is also the fellow that we talked to there before we came (we had Grandma Bullock with us). It seems that the Missionary Dept. also has in their records that we were released in March and never came here. He will look into it and straighten things out.
We are having a good chuckle!! They did pay for our plane tickets here so.....????

Perhaps our being here is just an illusion!!! At least our superiors in South Africa know we are here.

Elder/Sister Bullock

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  1. LOL! That is SO funny! Truly. Sorry about the mess.....but WHAT a great story. LOL!