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Dec. 19, 2009 (Masvingo)

Merry Christmas – I think it is almost Christmas!! It doesn’t feel like it as I am sitting here with perspiration dripping down my face looking out at the most beautiful gardens ever. I am at the Inn on the Great Zimbabwe (probably our favourite place here). Jim and the Branch President have gone with another man who will take them about an hour into the rural area to try and find a member so that they can serve him a letter and talk to him about setting up an appointment to deal with the contents of the letter. Then at 2 p.m. Pres. Bullock has up to 10 baptismal interviews to do. He has a busy day but none of it concerns me so I am able to relax and enjoy this paradise.

---later ---

They had to go to a Gold mine where the member is working. They didn’t find him though but left a note for him. Perhaps, next time.

They treat us royally here. There is always a small bouquet of fresh flowers in the room and a basket with a couple of pieces of fruit and two chocolate bars. When we went out this morning we discovered that one of the gardeners was washing our truck for us – and it really did need it. We gave him $3. It seems like we are the only ones staying here. We had the dining room to ourselves at breakfast. There was a group of 8 or 10 here last night for supper but they never stayed over.

I wanted to tell you that a few days ago Jim took a fellow from Precision Grinders out to the school to look at the setup where the mill will be installed and make sure the electricity is correct etc. On the way out the fellow (about mid to late 20’s) said, “This is the first time I have been alone in a vehicle with a white man.” Jim ask him if he was nervous and he answered, “No, actually it is kind of nice.” Funny! (I had to stay at the office and wait for a delivery of some ink cartridges and paper.)


About the time church meetings ended yesterday in Masvingo it started lightning and thundering like crazy and the rain came down in torrents. Jim said there was some small hail with it as well. All the people just stayed in the building for about an hour until it quit – I wouldn’t have wanted to be out in the lightning as it was a little too close for comfort. Jim had another baptismal interview and some things to take care of so we didn’t leave for Harare until about 2 p.m. The rain had cleared up by then too. There were several collisions on the roadside as we drove home – too many. It does make one think about driving more carefully and taking it a little slower. The speed limit is 120 Km. but if we were in Canada those kind of roads would have a limit of 80 Km. (narrow, sharp shoulders, pot holes, etc.) It is a major truck route between Harare and Johannesburg. People either drive too fast or way too slow. We did make it home in one piece and were glad to arrive safely.

This morning we stuffed stockings for Christmas for the elders/sisters. They get a pair of socks, tie, cookies, candy, deodorant, toothpaste, and a T-shirt. We will all leave for our different cities on Thursday morning to spend Christmas with the elders there. (We will be in Gweru). Mayfields go to Bulawayo (2 hrs. past Gweru) and will stop and meet us on their way back on Sat. morning and we will go to Antelope Park together and stay the night there if we can get a room – if not we will stay at the Lodge that we are booked into over Christmas (we are hoping it is an okay place – the Elders said we will like it so....)

Right now Jim has driven to Goromonzi to take them some more electrical supplies they needed to prepare their building for ZESA to come and hook them up to the main line. (that is the building where the grinding mill is to go). We were suppose to take the ZESA people out today but nothing happens on schedule here in Zimbabwe – it may have to wait until after Christmas now. O well – no big rush!!

Pictures from December 18:

Working in their garden plots
Going home with some Kovo from his garden

Heading out to work in the garden

Love, The Bullocks

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