Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hi all,

I've been down for a couple of days with 'something' - maybe food poisoning, but not sure. It hit me about 5 hrs. after we had breakfast at the Holiday Inn in Mutare on Sunday. The only thing I ate different than Elder Bullock was some fruit and a couple of little sausages. It was a long drive home (3 hrs.) and I was ready to go straight to bed (well after a badly needed trip to the bathroom). I have made a LOT of trips to the bathroom since and hopefully it is getting better. I did come into the office late today. I am starting to feel better but not all the way there yet. Elder Bullock took Elder Mayfield with him this morning and went to the Danangwe school 'prize giving day' that I was suppose to be the guest of honor at. They said it was really good.

They have been changing all the locks on the mission office today because this morning the mission president and the AP's were robbed (smash and grab). On their way from the airport at a red light some guys smash the car window and demand whatever you have. They got his keys, computer, bag and whatever else. This has been happening a lot in South Africa but not so much here. I guess we will have to be much more alert. Scary! They suggest putting purses, computers, etc. in the trunk, out of sight -- however that is rather difficult when we drive a truck. We will have to figure out something.

Other than that, we are doing okay. I guess this email is a little on the dreary side! Sorry.

On Friday when we went to Mutare we paid for the motor for the grinding mill at the Old People's Home and arranged to have it installed. It should be done this week and then Friday the 11th we will go back for the "turn-over ceremony" where there will be the mayor and whoever Pres. Chadambuka can get there. I guess we need to figure out exactly what we have to do at it.

Anyway - I need to go home. I hope Mike and Janeal have a new baby soon. It is hard when it is over-due (well not that I ever had that problem as mine always managed to come early).

Love to all, Mom and dad/ Elder& Sister Bullock

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  1. Yikes! I am glad that everyone involved in the robbery are okay. And that no harm was done to their persons. We will continue to pray for your safety too. Hope you feel MUCH better soon.