Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thurs. Dec. 3rd, (Jim's birthday)

Just got a text message from Pastor Mhike from Muzarabani. That is where Seka lived and they are friends that came to us together with their questions about the Book of Mormon a few months ago. Pastor Mhike was here on the weekend and Seka took him to church. This what he has to say about it:
“Hi President and Sister Bullock. I failed to leave Harare that day due to pressure of work but once again this is to say I enjoyed each and every event at the church. Please keep praying for my family. The Lord has spoken and we have obeyed. Now our sincere prayer is our God must give us something to do in Harare that we may enjoy fellowship with other brethren and even show our commitment in baptism and participating in the sacrament service.”
Wow!! That brings tears to our eyes. These people are amazing.

Later in the evening we got a call from Panashe, Zvikomborero’s son. By the way, she is getting baptized on Saturday, Dec. 12th. Panashe’s uncle, who is 7th day Aventist, would not let Panashe get baptized. However, Panashe called last night to say that he is getting baptized with his mom. He is meeting the elders today for his interview. (He was already approved once but it’s been a while so he needs another interview). He was really excited and was asking us to come and see him, which we will try and do today if at all possible. We are thrilled because he is a really good boy. He is 11 yrs. old, turning 12 in January.

The work moves forward!!!! We are now teaching Carol (18), her brother, Ellison (9), their mom, Mavis, as well as a neighbour that wanted to join us (Dzikamai – who is 25). Dzikamai has been to church before when he was going to MIT in Boston on a full scholarship. Something happened there (not sure what yet) and he didn’t finish and feels really bad that he blew such an opportunity. Anyway, he says something is really missing in his life and he needs to find his faith again. Should be interesting. We will also take the sister missionaries with us when we go to the next appointment so that they can help us teach them as we don’t always have enough time. Carol and Ellison are the two that we met a few months ago on our morning walks as they were walking to school.

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  1. Happy Birthday Elder Bullock! Looks like you are having some wonderful birthday gifts in the way of baptisms and interviews with converts. This is exciting!