Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hi, The internet has been down here for a couple of days. We dropped the Turners at the airport today so now it is just us!! Pres. Bester says to just take it easy and not think we need to know everything and do everything right now. We went for a nice supper last night with the couples and Pres/Sis Bester. Pres. Bester pd the bill. It was an upper class hotel resturant - good food. It wasn't really overly expensive (cheaper than it would have been at home for
the type of restuarant).

Later today we will move into the Turners flat. Beauty is cleaning it right now. She will clean ours tomorrow after we move our stuff over and she will do our laundry. Nice!! I think this flat is maybe a little nicer but the lay out is exactly the same. 2 bdrms, but one is an office for us. Turners had bought a quarter of beef so we bought what was left from them. There is a freezer there that we share with the office couple who live next door. I don't think the beef is
"Alberta beef" quality but they say it is good.

I don't think losing weight here is going to be as easy as I thought. If I want to lose I will have to be careful -- in fact I will have to be careful not to gain any. I will continue to avoid sugar but
avoiding white flour, etc. will not be so easy as whole wheat and brown rice are not easy to come by. We will just try and eat healthy. Cabbage is plentiful - easier to get than decent lettuce. We do need to go shopping for some food (actually I guess I will see what Turners left first).

It is a beautiful day today, as usual. We have gotten up and walked the past couple of days. 3 loops around the complex takes half an hour. They say we are fine to walk outside the complex too (in the daylight) so we may try that soon.

By the way mom, they never did weigh our carry-ons. I think we could easily have brought everything. O well!! I have written some stuff on our computer and want to cut and paste it
to an email but the computer is at home. I will try and do that and send some pics. I wrote about our trip to Mutare and giving to the senior's home and to the orphanage. Good experience. There are so many needy people though and we can only do so much. We constantly are handed requests and people come in asking for help. We have to decide who we can help. Like Pres. Neild said: He helps the neediest of the needy and then he can at least sleep better at nights. He is a white man from here (they call those Rhodesians). He has been successful in business and he really does a lot to help the needy - he even has his own warehouse. We will work with him a lot as he knows a lot of people and has connections. His daughter also does a lot as well. I should say daughters - he has 6 and they are very strong individuals just as he is. They are a real strength to the church here. We are not to mention to his wife all that he does - because she would be frightened to know of the places he goes and what he does.

Mom, please forward this to my kids and Kim can forward it to whoever else. We are doing fine and getting settled in.

Love to all, Jim and Nancy

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