Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hi, We are at the mission home checking emails. We have had a busy day that started with a meeting with the area authority from South Africa and all the stake and district presidents, mission president and welfare humanitarian couples (that is us). It was very positive and we were so impressed with those men and what they are trying to do.

This afternoon we met with the Turners for a few hours and are trying to learn some of what we need to learn.

Things are actually getting better here for the people. There is food back on the shelves at the stores if they can afford to buy it. The unemployment rate is 95% so they are trying to do whatever they can to exist and make a few dollars. There is hope that things are starting to improve. The U.S. dollar is being used now and the Zim dollar will no longer be accepted after June. It seems that will help a lot as one zillion Zim dollars equals less than a U.S. dollar. Maybe I can get some zillion dollar bills to bring home.

Tomorrow we are going to a branch about 1 1/2 hr. away. On Thursday we are going to another town to deliver some blankets and soap to a couple of orphanages and a senior's home. We will stay overnight as we have 4 appointments and we cannot drive home after dark. It is suppose to be a beautiful place. We will be with the Turners. They leave on March 16th so we are trying to get a grasp on how to do some of these things before they leave us. We are rather overwelmed but it will come.

Dad is talking to Kim and Brianne on skype so I better go get in on it. We will have to figue out a regular time to skype so family can plan to be online.

Love to all, Mom/Nancy/Sis. Bullock

(P.S. The time-stamp is MST - they are 9 hours ahead. Kim)


  1. Hi - so glad you arrived safely. This blog is a good idea so we can check in but not have to bother you with individual messages all the time. Enjoy your weather - we are still having snow. Allan and Susan Gallup moved in next door to us a week or so ago and will be there until their new home is built.Happy Sabbath Day to you. Kathy and Roy

  2. I agree with Kathy. This blog is a great idea.
    Love the updates. Sounds like a lot of new changes are taking place there. You obviously are needed.