Friday, March 27, 2009

More visiting to an orphanage and school

Wow - we had a real driving experience today going out into the rural area to visit a school where orphan children go. The roads have been rather washed out by rains in a lot of places and we had to be very careful and slow driving around the rocks and gullies. It seems like most of the pastors/bishops that contact us and say they have orphanages actually just watch over the children who have lost one or both parents and live with a grandmother in most cases. They help them with needs and school fees and feed them one meal a day after school. This place we went today is quite needy and we could help them with almost anything.
the road to Pastor Mataya's school

more crazy washed-out road

Pastor Mataya took us to see this lady today who cannot walk. She crawls everywhere and has her knees wrapped with cloth. She came crawling out of the corn patch where she was weeding and picking some sugar cane. We will consider her for a wheelchair but her house is not at all accessible but she could get around her yard and if someone pushed her she could go further down the road. She is far from anything though, really. If we give her a chair we will deliver it and take pictures of the event. (If we dare go on that road again!!)
the road to the house of the lady who needs a wheelchair

she can only get around on her knees

Some pictures from the school we went to today:
students in school class

students from a school in the rurals

On our way out of the rural area we saw our first African animal - a Zebra. We got a good picture too -- there was a fence between me and him!!
Our first African animal sighting!

tall grass along the side of the road

huts in the countryside

Love, Elder & Sister Bullock

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  1. Wow! Those roads make the Airdrie rathole look good!