Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orphanage Visit

Dear Friends and Family,

I don't want to break any hearts but.... this little girl's parents died recently and she has been taken to Letti's orphanage. Isn't she beautiful? I wish I could send her home to you.
We visited the orphanage this afternoon. They have 10 children that live there full time but they feed 150 every afternoon after school. A member of the church owns a grocery store and he gives them a lot of food - corn maize, beans, cabbage etc. I took some really good video but I don't know how to send it - besides the internet is so slow I don't know if I could. I will try and send some pictures though but I haven't been having a lot of luck with that today either.

We enjoyed our visit - the children sang to us. Their songs are always about God and Jesus Christ and how good they are. Jim teased them and played a couple of games with them. They loved it. His school patrol training camps were good training for this.
Our truck parked in front of our flat.
LDS Charities Logo

making Sadza at the orphanage

Giving out soap and blankets (Jim in back)

View from our backyard

Close up view of our backyard

Love to all, Elder and Sister Bullock


  1. Oh what a beautiful child! What will happen to her now? Do they usually end up living out their childhood in the orphanages? I hope she can be adopted soon.

    Your yard is absolutely breathtaking!!!

  2. Nancy & Jim. I love the opportunity to keep up with what you are doing on your Mission.

    Kim... thank you for posting their letters and photos on the Blog. It is delightful. I must say though, that I find your latest choice of background and colors very difficult to read.

  3. My sister put up the background - I'm just chatting with Mom right now and she's not sure she likes it either. We'll see if we can find something else. :)