Friday, March 6, 2009

We're here!

Hi all,

We have arrived safe and sound - yesterday.  It was a long trip,  It is beautiful here and nice and warm.  Our flat is nice enough.  We will move into the Turner's flat when they leave on the 16th.   The yards are lovely with a variety of beautiful plants and flowers. There is an avacado tree in the yard.  I heard a rooster crowing this a.m. and some strange bird sounds.

No water when we arrived.  We had our first sponge bath with a gallon of water.  We got a dribble of water last night and filled up the tub to use for bathing and toilet flushing.  Turners brought us a couple of 2 ltr. bottles of filtered water for drinking.  We have a filter but no water pressure to get the water to us.  They say there is a bit of pressure early in the mornings and to keep our tub filled.  The Turners flat has more pressure so it will be a bit better for us when we move there.

The Turners and Taylors fed us Chinese food for supper.  It was good. We had our bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with a banana. They are showing us around.  We will check out the grocery store later and pick up a few things.  They say there is a little more food on the shelves since they started using the U.S. dollars recently. There is lots to try and learn in the next week.

Our flat is safe -- in a compound.   They haven't had any problems. We slept good last night -  Jim better than me.   We feel safe and had no problems with safety on the trip here.  We got our 30 day visitor visa at the airport and hopefully our Temporary Employment Permit will be granted soon.   They don't seem too worried about misquitos (malaria isn't much of a problem because of the elevation of Zimbabwe).  We can open our windows (some have netting on them).   We will take our anti-malaria medication just to be safe.

Love to all,  Elder and Sis. Bullock

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  1. Oooo!!! Already the "pioneers" there with the lack of water, eh? : D

    So glad you have some though. IT all sounds SO beautiful there. Hopefully Kim will be able to post a photo up now and again on here.

    This is such a smart idea. It will be wonderful to keep up with you on your mission. Sounds like your food has been great thus far too.