Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baptism Date

We are really excited. The elders called us last night to tell us that 'our family' have agreed to a baptism date of Aug. 8th. This is the family that came to us because they had been robbed and we gave them blankets and some clothes. We talked to them about the gospel and they came out to the first 'branch' - well not a branch yet - meeting that was held in Epworth and at that time set a date with the missionaries to come and teach them. We showed the elders where their house is and sat in on their first discussion. They have the 11 yr. old son that we gave shoes to - the one who threw his arms around Elder Bullock and said 'thank you, papa'. He is a great boy - smart. He will be a great missionary one day!!!!! Their names are: husband: Gift Kureva, wife: Zvikomborero (means - gift in Shona) so the elders have nicknamed them the Gifts, children: Panashe - 11 yr. old boy, Poshia - 9 yr. old girl, Rumbidzai - 3 yr. old girl.

Sister Bullock & Zvikomborero Murniro in Epworth
(I have sent this picture before, but thought I would put it up again so you could see what she looks like again.)

We visited with our other investigator, Mercy, late yesterday to see how she is doing. She has been reading and praying. We left her another pamphlet and a Liahona. She said she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet. We haven't taught her about the word of wisdom yet and she said, "I've been trying not to drink coffee or tea because I know you don't do that". She said that she drinks a coffee now and then. We told her she could drink herbal tea if she wanted to. She then said that she wondered how it would work since part of her restaurant business is selling coffee and tea. We told her it was fine. She might decide differently down the road. She is really doing some thinking though. She is a rather independent type girl -- I wondered how she would react to only men holding the priesthood and interestingly enough she asked about that. We explained it and she thanked us for not beating around the bush. She said she liked the answer -- that God created Adam and Eve to walk side by side and to work together. I told her that I had never felt 'put down' as a woman in the church and that we have women who have leadership positions in the Relief Society, primary, etc. She was okay with it. Anyway - she is doing great and we think she is just great!!!! She is really an intelligent, sharp lady. We will introduce the sister missionaries to her so they can visit with her while we are in Johannesburg next week.

Our mission isn't a proselyting mission but we do try and talk to people whenever we can. We also have another man and his wife taking the discussions with the missionaries (Funuel) - the man we met when we walk in the mornings. His brother and wife are also listening and it sounds like they are doing well. We also have 'Answer' a waiter at a restaurant that we talked to and he has been to church a couple of times but we haven't gotten missionaries to him yet. We need to get on them again to go visit him as he has great potential too.

We went to the 4th of July celebration at the ambassador's yard. It was hamburgers and hot dogs and potluck salads and desserts. We ate too much!!! They had a bit of entertainment and some games for the kids. We didn't stay the whole time but it was an enjoyable couple of hours.

We are off to Kadoma tomorrow for church.
We love you all, E/S Bullock

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