Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We had two ladies come in this morning to learn more about the Book of Mormons we gave them. We taught them the same things we taught the two pastors that were here on Monday and gave them pamphlets etc. They also live away from our centers of strength. I don't know if they were as enthusiastic as the pastors were but that's okay. Pres. Dube came by though and bore his testimony to them and told them that if they read the Book of Mormon it will change their lives. The ladies did end by asking for donations but we didn't give them any as we already have given to them.

Now, we have Bishop Chris back again. He sent us a text message asking if he can buy Bibles and we answered that he cannot because we sell only to church members. The reason for that is because the church really subsidizes the basic materials for the members - Bibles sell for 50 cents. We would have everyone buying them to sell on the street to make a living. Anyway, Bishop Chris, being such a persistent individual, showed up anyway and tried to slip by our office to the distribution center. They wouldn't have sold to him anyway as they as for a unit #, etc. We did buy 2 copies for him the other day so he would have the King James version. (He had to buy 2 because there is no change for dollars here). Now he is having a discussion with Elder Bullock!! He was telling us that he has joined 5 churches but he still isn't satisfied. We said that is because you
haven't found the right one yet. Perhaps we can enlighten him. He says he has until 3:00 to keep discussing. He lives closer than the other people but he is still away from the 'centers of strength'. He lives in the rurals outside of Harare. He could come into Harare.

We stopped in and visited with Merci this morning on our way to the office and we will meet with her tomorrow for another discussion. She has been reading a lot and she tells us what she has read and totally understands it. It just makes us 'tingle'. She says she wants to be baptized but we need to get her attending church and we need to finish the discussions. We will take Samantha, a member of her ward, with us tomorrow for the discussion.

Anyway.... must run. Love, Nancy

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