Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday, July 16th / Friday, July 17th


We just went shopping and bought $340 worth of groceries so we could stock up. Prices are going up here so just in case..... We bought 24 ltrs. of UHT milk @ $1.49 each, toilet tissue @ 4 rolls for $3.54 (there is cheaper but it is awful) and some fruit juices, flour, oil, rice, oatmeal, laundry soap, chicken and ground beef, and some candles (as we can't ever have too many candles!).

We left the office in the middle of day because we had too many people outside the gate asking for stuff. We have had to made the decision that we are not going to give out at the gates anymore because it is becoming such a problem. We told them we cannot give out but they were not leaving so we thought if we left and they knew that we aren't here they would leave and they did leave. We came back a couple of hours later. We did have one man who was there that we felt like we
needed to give a blanket but we couldn't give to him in front of all the others so we ask him to go down the street and around the corner and we would meet him there - which we did on our way out. There was another who needed a new wheelchair and we ask him to come back today with information about why he couldn't walk (we wanted to make sure that he really did need one). He did and we gave him one today - we don't have hardly any wheelchairs left to give.


We taught Merci again last night and have set Aug. 15th or 16th as her baptism date. She is doing very well and has a special spirit about her.

We have been out all morning talking to people and checking out some things in regards to a water project we are looking at. Lots to do to get a project together.

More people at the gate today - we had to send them away because otherwise we will have line-ups down the street forever (most of these people are coming from Epworth and yes, we did partly create this problem and have to put an end to them all coming here)!! :(

Anyway - we are taking off in half an hour with Taylors and we are going to an animal park about 1 1/2 hrs. away and we will stay overnight there and go on an evening excursion for a couple of hours and then supper at 8 p.m. Tomorrow morning if we want we can take an elephant ride at 6:30 (?? don't know if I will do that), the breakfast then another excursion to see animals from 10 - 3 or so with a lunch inbetween while we watch the elephants at the watering hole. Sounds like it should be a fun getaway!!

I will try and send a couple of pictures and will try and maybe get on chat or skype on Sunday afternoon.
Merci and her daughter, Malaika

Our investigators from Epworth that the missionaries are teaching.
Panashe and his mother Zvikomborero from Epworth in front of their new home

a little girl watching us.

Love to all, E/S Bullock

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