Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Pictures

We had municipal water in our taps this morning - Ugh!!

We chose not to bath in this water. Actually after letting it run for a while it did clear up, for the most part. We got our 1000 ltr. tanks delivered this a.m. to hook up to our flats so that we can fill them with borehole (well) water and with a pressure pump it will fill up our toilets, water heater, etc. and we can have water. By the weekend we will have all three flats for the couples done. The plumber will begin tomorrow. We are pretty happy about the prospect.

Air pollution - LOTS of vehicles like this here

Jacaranda trees just starting to blossom

Purple Jacaranda Trees

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  1. Oh the color on those trees are beautiful!!

    Good luck with your water plans. They sound wonderful.