Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Bank Account

We were just at the bank here -- Yes, we now have a U.S. dollar bank account for LDS Charities. In the past we had to get our cash from the office Elder and it gets charged back to LDSC. Even though we have an account we still cannot write cheques, use a debit or credit card. We will withdraw the cash when we need it or keep a petty cash fund and keep track of which project or expense account to charge it to.

Anyway - our account was to have $10,000 transferred into it on Sept. 7th, at the latest. The money comes from SLC. On Sept. 11th there was nothing when we went to check -- that is because the banks here in Africa hold onto the money as long as they can. When we start asking
where our money is then it suddenly appears in the account. However, there is money missing (almost $3000) as of today. The bank says money has been debited out from our SA office and they have to figure it out. We just hope it is them because then we can get it transferred back. Hopefully it isn't some mysterious person taking our money. I emailed our money person, Sarika, in Jo'berg and she will sort it out for us. Lots of fun!!

We just got the audit report from 2008 - we have to have an external audit done for LDSC. I guess it was a challenge to figure out the report for last year as there was the massive inflation of the Zimbabwe dollar and they had to try and convert that to USD. We think they take as long as they can to do it so they can charge the church more for the service. It gets a little pricey.

Little boy shooing away the goats

3-5 year olds at preschool

Holding his baby brother

Kids in the school - we gave them some school kits

There is a guy laying across the chairs in front, sleeping.

Young man getting water out of manhole.

Love, The Bullocks

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