Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I wrote a letter a couple of days ago and then lost it all as the internet was too slow to send it. I will try again.

All is well here. Lots to do. It seems like some days we run around and don't get a lot accomplished but are busy doing necessary errands. We spent Sunday in Kadoma at their meeting and then Sunday night we ladies went to the church here to hear the Women's broadcast, however, it wasn't working right so we missed it. Instead Sis. Sharon Spencer led them in some singing of hymns and I played the piano. She is a really good chorister and everyone enjoyed the time singing. They really love to sing here and do a good job of it.

Seka got back to Harare on Sunday afternoon and came here Monday morning. We called Bishop Spencer (who gave him a job at his grocery store) and he said for him to be there at noon. Since we had a couple of hours we taught him the first discussion and he was frantically
taking notes the whole time. He is so eager to learn all he can. He has been searching for the truth for several years. He is so happy to be here. He just can't thank us enough. His baptism will be a 'great' day. He will be such a great member of the church here in Africa and a tremendous leader.

A few days ago we met one of Merci's friends and Elder Bullock gave her a Book of Mormon and explained a little about it. (We have a B of M loan program where we loan the book for 3 days and then get back with them). She called today to ask if she could keep the book a couple more days and that she would then like to meet with us because she has some questions. Of course we were happy to agree to that and look forward to seeing her soon.

Out in Epworth, we met a barber and his wife and son. He has a small concrete pad on the side of the street where he has his barber shop (an old table chair). He has a car battery that runs the clippers. He also charges cell phones with the car battery ($1.00/charge). We met the barber first and gave him a B of M. When we went back the son, Prince, was reading it too so we gave him his own copy. The barber also wanted us to meet his wife - she is a very nice lady and is hoping we can get her husband to stop drinking alcohol. We told them where church was and they have been a couple of times and have had a discussion or two. We referred them to the elders to be taught. Anyway, the elders told us today that Prince (he's about 16 yrs. old I think) told them that they are holding up his progress. He wants to be a missionary. I guess they will have to speed up the teaching for him. :) We need to get out and visit with them.

We took a bunch of cabbages and onions to Bishop Spencer's grocery store and he bought them to sell in the store. Glad to have that done. Each week we deliver 10 Kg. of tomatoes to the Hamburger Hut and also 20 big bunches of spinach to a restaurant called Mama Mia's. Huseni is taking good care of the garden and green house but after this growing season we are likely going to turn the whole garden area over to be 'priesthood' run by the Highlands ward. They mentioned that they may keep Huseni on as a gardener to take care of things. We have a meeting coming up to discuss all this.

The weather here is getting hot - they tell us October will be the hottest month. Last night there was some lightning in the sky but no rain here. Apparently there was some in a couple of areas though. It is really dry - as it is the dry season still. Lots of sunshine everyday and sometimes a bit of a breeze.

We have our water tanks working now so we are finally getting a shower/bath. We really do appreciate having that!!!! What a wonderful luxury.

I'm still having trouble sending photos through for the blog but will send as I can.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Love to all, Elder/Sister Bullock

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  1. Wow! Look at all the missionary work that is being done. That is fantastic!!!