Thursday, September 3, 2009


On our trip to Bulawayo we encountered the first of the new highway toll collections. It is a new thing here and supposedly they are going to use the money to repair potholes, roads, etc. We will see!!! It can add up - there are 3 of these on the way to Bulawayo so that is $6 round trip. I think there are 2 on the way to Mashvingo and also Mutare. O well - not much we can do but smile and pay up! :)
Our first highway toll stop

Price of tolls -- 3 of these on way to Bulawayo

Emmanuel, wife and Hanniel (She is about the prettiest little girl we have seen)

Elder Bullock looking at a book with her

Kids making lunch (sadza and relish). Notice the 2 balls in his hands.

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