Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hi, We are tired tonight. We didn't seem to really do a lot today but we were busy! Does that make sense?

This morning we went out to see Emmanuel and his pregnant wife (the one we paid the $50 to the maternity clinic). She is doing better and is expected to deliver any day. When they go to the clinic to deliver they have to take gloves for the nurse to wear while delivering, 3 candles and matches if the baby comes in the night as there is usually no power, and a few other things. We thought that was rather interesting. They are a nice family. I will send a picture for the
blog if I can get it through (it has been difficult to send pictures lately).

This afternoon we spent some time sorting shoes that came in the container. They come in bags all mixed up ( men's womens, and children all together). It took a little while and it was hot in
the sun where we were doing it. We haven't been giving out shoes for a while as it is hard to do that when there are a lot of people to try and fit.

We have one of our branches that is having a branch conference in a couple of weeks. Pres. Bullock will be in charge as Pres. Dube can't be there. We also have to do the Saturday training for the branch. We have a lot to do to prepare for that - especially since we aren't sure what we are going to do.

When the new couple come on the 21st they will take over our two branches that we have been responsible for and we will be doing Mashvingo branch(3 hr. drive) - as well as Mutare District. When the couple come we will take them out and introduce them at the branches.

Must run. We want to get home. We are doing fine. Love to all, Jim and Nancy

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