Friday, April 24, 2009


Hi, It has been a good day. We went to UNICEF and talked to them. I hope it went well and they understand!! The church has sent them 5 containers of hygiene kits and in exchange we are suppose to get some things but.... He suggested we write up a request and did say we could get water tablets and soap. They don't want us duplicating where they give out -- but they do huge districts and we do smaller needs - like some of our wards/branches need water purification tablets or an orphanage. We will figure it out. I don't think it will be a problem getting a few things - we tried to make him understand that we weren't wanting a container's worth.

Then we went and picked up our 100 cabbages - actually from Honey Dew Farms - a farm and store just 2 blocks away from where we live. Tabeth had sent out some letters to places requesting donations and that is how she got the cabbage. They were nice cabbages. We took them to Epworth - area we have been visiting lately that is so needy. The people were waiting for us and thrilled to get their one cabbage each. We were late getting there because the cabbages were suppose to get delivered here but then we got a call asking if we could pick them us. People had been waiting for us for a couple of hours - they are so patient!
Picking up cabbages from Honey Dew Farm

People lined up to receive cabbage

He is happy to get the left over leaves

Our baby is still okay - I wish we could weigh him to see if he is gaining but..... I think he is only about 4 lbs or so (that is my guess) but he is eating and is sucking good so I think he will be alright.
Our Baby, Edson.

Our container hasn't arrived yet. Just to let you know what is coming on it, if you are wondering:
15 bales of ladies clothing
15 bales of men's clothing
15 bales of youth clothing
2 pallets mixed shoes
3 pallets hygiene kits
1 pallet newborn kits
3 pallets school kits
2 pallets orphanage modules
2 pallets quilts - double size
2 pallets quilts - single size
1 pallet toy module
2 pallets blankets (wool) 420 per pallet
You can imagine why we are so anxious to get this. There is a lot of stuff. We also have 540 blankets that are ready for delivery to us that were bought here in Harare and some soap. Winter is coming here and people are cold so that will be really good to have.

Elder and Sis. Taylor came by (their apt. door is right next to ours) and said they wanted to take us out for supper for my birthday and I could choose where we go. I chose chinese and it is really good and inexpensive.

We are going with Taylors tomorrow to Masvingo (spelling) where they have a branch (congregation) that they look after. They are having a service project at a hospital in the morning and we are taking some hygiene kits (about 40, I think). In the afternoon Elder Taylor has to do some training but Jim and I may go to a tourist site called "The Great Zimbabwe". Apparently it is a must to see. We will probably take pictures and tell all about it on Monday. We will stay
overnight and go to church on Sunday at the branch and then head home. It is a 3 hr. drive and apparently the roads leave a lot to be desired!

Sis. Taylor also made me a birthday cake and brought it to the mission office along with some ice cream. That was nice of her. She had up a Happy Birthday sign as well.

So - it has been a good day.

Avocados from our complex

Love, The Bullocks

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  1. My mouth is watering at the size of those avocadoes! That sure would make a lot of great guacamole.

    The cabbages would feed a large family for several meals too, I noticed. If you didn't have pictures, it would be hard to imagine. Amazing!