Monday, April 13, 2009


It hasn't been a busy day - but we (mostly Elder Bullock) has been preparing to give a discussion later today to a 9 yr. old who should have been baptized but was not - and now he needs the discussions because he is 9.

We lost the zesa (electricity) at the flat this a.m. I hope we get it back before tonight - if not we do have our generator. Beauty was cleaning Taylors and couldn't do the laundry so we took her home. We don't usually do that but she told us about her neighbors who had a fire on the weekend and lost their bedding, clothes etc. We didn't want to just send something out without checking it out first and see if there was a real need. We took out some blankets and a bit of clothes that we could find, hygiene kit, soap and a teddy bear. They were grateful and said they would join our church now. :) We suggested they would be welcome to go and learn about it. We told Beauty she could do some missionary work now and invite them to church.
The house that got burned in the night

we gave the little girl the teddy bear.

We did our presentations on Saturday at the Young Single Adult conference. There were 25 there, which was a good turnout. It went well and they wanted to feed us lunch afterwards. We don't usually do that but it looked okay -- no one was sick after so..... They fed us rice with a tomatoe type sauce, french fries, coleslaw, and a small piece of beef. It was quite good.

Do you like this hockey shirt we happened to see?

A Poinsettia Bush

There are a lot of huge boulders laying around the countryside in places. Sometimes they are stacked up like this one and you have towonder why they don't fall off (maybe they are just too big to move). There are bigger ones than this that we will have to get pictures of sometime.

Samora Machelle Avenue - downtown Harare

Gardens starting to look better. We had to really get after the people who have garden plots (30' x 30') because they are very weedy and don't look good at all. It is the end of the maize season so a good time to get things dug up and weeded. They have been quite busy cleaning up their gardens since Sunday when they got the word.

A little gardener

Banana trees in front of the greenhouse

bananas getting started


Love, Elder and Sister Bullock


  1. Oh I've always wanted to see a Banana tree up close. They are so cool.
    The gardens look wonderful!

  2. If I had an Oilers shirt, I'd donate it to charity, too. :)

  3. Hi Jim and Nancy

    We have enjoyed your blog with all the pictures etc. It sounds like you are doing wonderful work there. Jay is the mission leader here in our ward. We have a baptism on April 24 and he is teaching two other people as well. We have some wonderful experience here with doing different things. We also had Elder J.R. Holland for our stake conference. Steven Covey is here on business so he is going to do a free seminar on strengthening the family this Wed. evening.
    Keep up the great work, we love you and have you in our prayers.
    Jay and Nancy Johnson