Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi, We were able to watch conference Sat. night and Sunday afternoon. The priesthood session didn't work for some reason in Southern Africa but they resolved the problem and we did get the others. We did not see the Sunday afternoon session as it was shown here at 10 p.m. and we weren't up for that. They had a fairly good turnout of people Sunday afternoon - for the Sat. afternoon session. I think a lot of people hadn't been told about it as the satellite had only been
installed the previous week. Next time I think there will be better attendance. This is all new to the people here.

Pres. Nield's daughter, Reeve, is a professional golfer and coach. She coaches two women - both have joined the church because of her and just went to the temple recently. Anyway - they ask if we golfed and if we would like lessons. So, they arranged to meet us this a.m. for an hour. They showed up with golf shirts for us, a glove, clubs, balls and tees and took us to the driving range. They liked that I had never golfed before because I have no bad habits to break. They said I did good - but they probably say that to all their beginners. They taught us the techniques and we practiced for a little while. Pretty soon the guy who runs the golf course came and presented us each with a pass to the course so we can golf anytime we want for free - Reeve had talked to him and told him what we are doing here. The girls left us with some clubs and balls to practise with - so I guess we are all set. They said if we want more help to just give them a call. They are around for about a month and then they leave for the European Masters tour and won't be back until Christmas. Reeve coaches the other two ladies. They are all a lot of fun and very nice.

Our container is not coming in until this Friday now. We have a couple of appointments this week to meet with more people and take a tour of their facilities. We didn't have anything booked today as we were expecting to be helping with the container stuff - but that isn't going to happen. We are thinking we will go back to our flat and go through paperwork and study that and see what we can learn.

Take care and write to us.
Love, Elder & Sister Bullock

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  1. What a great opportunity to learn something new and creative while you are gone. Free golf lessons! You can't beat that!