Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Letter

This letter was written by a missionary serving here in Harare. His home is Kadoma, where we went last Saturday for the Young Single Adult Conference. The Elder wrote this letter to be read to his friends. We thought it was really good so I am sharing it with you.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

After being made known unto me of the camp-out, I was filled with great love towards you, which love motivated me to write the words of wisdom or the words of my heart. First of all, I desire to tell you how much I love you and how I miss you, you are all that I have, without you there is nothing, without you I wouldn't have been here but because of you, here am I, working in the vineyard of the Lord. I'm so grateful for that.

Brethren and sisters, having an eternal perspective is a sign of Godliness, it is an element that should be in our hearts because it helps us to foresee things and enables us to work tirelessly towards immortality and eternal life. So its something to ponder about. Life might be hard for us to achieve our physical and spiritual goals which leads to heaven, but let us have courage to do all that we can.

There are some six points that are referred as marks, but I will dwell on two of them because of the weakness of my hand. One of them is the mark of courage. Courage becomes a living and
attractive virtue when it is regarded not as a willingness to die manfully, but the determination to live decently. So be willing to run where the brave dare not go.

The second, Mark of Prayer. When the burdens of life become heavy, when trials test one's faith, when pain, sorrow, and despair cause the light to flicker and burn low, communication with our Heavenly Father provides peace.

Having been able to make these words of wisdom to you, this I hope will help you as you will work so hard towards eternal life and exaltation. Brethren and Sisters, remember this life is for man to
prepare to meet God by performing our labours, but it is not only the issue of meeting Him, but of meeting Him and as well to be like Him, so which means for us to meet Him we need to live the principles given to us through his servants the prophets, but now becoming like him requires us to know the importance of the house of the Lord, referred as the temple. Brethren and sisters I write with respect and reverence toward God by saying the temple is the most holy place on earth and it leads man to be able to obtain the great powers and joy that Elohim has or possess. If you have not thought about the temple, think about it now. If you have not yet planned about it, plan while it is still called 'today'. If you have not yet executed your plan, put it into action. This will allow you to be even as He is. Brethren there is a relationship between elements and force or nature and human action. Our character and action can control the two, therefore which means we will be able to control the world due to much righteousness. Moses because of his worthy actions, controlled the Red Sea, Jesus Christ because of His perfection and righteousness was able to command the waves of the sea to calm and because of your great faith you can control all things.

Please live the gospel and be happy. Trials may gather as you will be working so hard to attain this perfection but listen to this. You know that at the sports all the runners run the race though only one wins the prize, like them, run to win! Now, every athlete goes into strict training -they do it to win a perishable wreath. For my part, I run with a clear goal before me, which is to work hard in the Lord's vineyard, getting married in the temple and live happily after and endure trials because trials time is the best time for me to increase speed or spirituality for my race.

Brethren and sisters because of the weakness of my hands I would like to leave you with these words, but before I want to bear record of Him who came as a God, suffered and rose as God that he lives and loves us. I know that there shall be a time whereby this race shall end. But what matters is by the time whereby this race shall end, did you prepare yourself to meet Him and be like Him. I want you to know that I love you and I shall be happy to meet you
again, during this life or the next veil.

Yours, Elder Sibesha, the servant of the Lord

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  1. A very good letter. Thank you for sharing. It always amazes me how mature and older these young missionaries seem to be.