Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Hi Hope I didn't overload you with pictures today, Kim. The internet has been down for a couple of days - you probably noticed that we weren't on. Since it is a holiday here there must not be a lot of people on the internet and it has been quite a bit quicker. Things pretty much all shut down here for 4 days due to the Easter weekend. We are going to Kadoma tomorrow to do a presentation on
'setting goals' for the young single adults at their camp. Taylors are going too and will talk about temples. At first they text messaged us and told us we each had 15 minutes but we said that we were not driving 2 hrs. one way unless we had about an hour each. Then they gave us 1/2 hr. each and Dad talked to the branch president and then we heard that we could have all the time we wanted. So... I guess we are going. We have to get ourselves prepared now.

Sunday we are having a garden committee meeting so that we can talk to the people with plots and encourage them strongly to get their gardens weeded and cleaned up. We will tell them that they need to look as good as when Elder Morgan was here - they seem to understand that. He is the one who started the gardens and apparently they looked very neat and tidy. Right now they look pretty bad and they are in a lot next to the stake center and missionary transfer house. The greenhouse and area close to it look good but Huseni takes care of that and gets paid some. The others have garden plots to help them feed their families and sell a little if there is a surplus. It has been a successful initiative in the past, but we need to get involved and get it back on track.

We must run and take a couple of missionaries home. One had his appendix out a couple of days ago and of course isn't feeling that great. We just really hope that is his problem and that he will be okay now. He has had some issues. They made three holes in his stomach - we aren't sure why? I said that perhaps they couldn't find the appendix the first two times!! Strange! I guess the hospital was okay though and the Dr. was trained in the U.S. so.... The elders are staying in a flat in our complex until he is feeling better - that way the couples can keep an eye on him.

I am sending a couple of pictures of roadways in the rurals as I was asked what the rural roads and villages are like - jungle or whatever? No, they are not what I would call jungles - more like driving through fields but with trees:
Typical rural roadway

Typical landscape in the rurals

Saw this when we were out in the rurals - thought it was interesting. Don't usually see this!

Common one-lane bridge in rurals.

Pre-School and unfinished kitchen. Do you like the classroom?

Nancy with orphans at preschool.

Pastor Sikiyani at the well.

She took my hand, but was scared of Jim

Pulling bucket of water from the well.

Fertilized maize vs. unfertilized maize.

laundry day

laundry at the creek

drying laundry by the creek

This spider was in a brick frame bldg. with no roof on it. This is a close-up, but it is a pretty big spider.

One of the guards at the complex where we live - Benjamin. He was away visiting his family and someone stole all his clothes from where he stays. We gave him a pair of pants and 3 shirts. Jared, Tom and Judy -- do you like the shirt we gave him!! I had to take the picture just for you.

Here's what our flat looks like:
This is the entry to the flat.

Our little kitchen.

The fireplace in the living room. I guess it actually works pretty good.

The living room and dining room.

Our bedroom - lots of closet space!

This is us with Pres. Nield after general conference. I mention him a lot so thought you might be interested in what he looks like. He helps us a lot. We went with him to the airport on Wed. to clear some of his DHL packages - what an ordeal that was - back and forth between different people. I'm glad he knows what he is doing.

Have a good Easter weekend.
Love, E/S Bullock

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  1. Oh Nancy. That photo of you with all the orphans brought tears to my eyes. There ares so MANY of them. I guess there would be here too, if it wasn't for the Foster Care program. At least the orphans here have a family home to live in. We are so blessed.

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your new home over there. I don't know what I had imagined it would be like....but it is a BEAUTIFUL home! Very nice!

    And I will no longer complain about the "the hole in the wall" laundry area down in our dungeon, after seeing what a typical laundry day is like there. WOW! I will kiss my old washing machine the next time I go down there to clean 10 loads this week.